Free and Liberated City of Visnetorpe

OOC: This in an effective puppet state of Gamervinland, due to the powers of their Monarch in the City. This nation was permitted and jointly-created with Shadow, who will be co-running it with me. As it is a city state it’s capital can be put wherever.

Nation Name (long):  Free and Liberated City of Visnetorpe

Nation Name (short): Visnetorpe

Abbreviation: VNT, VT

Motto: “A single twig shall break, but a bundle of twigs holds firm.”

National Animal: Bear Cub

National Plant: Thornbush

National Anthem: “Ne’er Stand Alone.”

Largest City: Visnetorpe

Demonym: Visnetir

Language: Norgsveltian, Vesienvällic

Species: Nekomimi, Ailurine

Population: 469,921

Government type: Unitary Authoritarian Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy

King: Øivind Austad III
Crown Representitve: Olaf Haraldsen
Chancellor: Asgeir Holst

Formation: 1921

Legislature: Folke Senatet

GDP: $17,411,294,311
GDP per capita:  $37,091

Calling Code: +286

Following a vote on 28-11-2021, your claim was approved 4-0-0