Free City of Solevera Claim

Nation Name (long): The Free City of Solevera
Nation Name (short): Solevera

Motto: “Illuminazione Attraverso l’Innovazione”
National Animal: Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)
National Flower/Plant: Laurel (Laurus nobilis)
National Anthem: “Sponde Baciate dal Sole”

Capitol: Solevia
Largest City: Solevia

Demonym: Soleveran
Language: Norvian (Lucrozan dialect)
Species: 55% Human, 31% Elf, 9% Half-Elf, 3% Cava, 1% Dwarf, 1% Other
Population: ~3,241,000

Government type: Parliamentary Republic

  • President: Gabriele Cerone

  • Chancellor: Elia d’Moneo

Legislature: Senate of Solevera, divided into the upper house (High Senate) and lower house (Common Senate)
Formation: 1877

Total GDP: 155,568,000,000 (155.6 billion)
GDP per capita: 48,000
Currency: Lapinumbian Ducat (shared with Lapinumbia)

Calling Code: 121
ISO 3166 code: SOL, SV

Historical Summary:

Solevia, formally known as Via del Sole, was the great southern port of the Celanor Empire, facilitating trade from the northernmost reaches of modern Volscina to the merchant cities of Lapinumbia and beyond. Traders from rich Sayyed and far Aurora sailed to Solevia to sell their goods, and the city quickly became the greatest melting pot of West Novaris, a mix of peoples from around the world united in the truly singular goal of making as much money as physically possible.

As Celanor began to fall, first with the upset that was their defeat to the newly unified Tretrid, and then the Great Revolt of the Volscine lords, the city of Solevia maintained its position in trade, finding new opportunities to profit with the now independent nations that constituted the Volscine Empire.

Solevera was ostensibly still part of Celanora by the 15th and 16th centuries, but by then the city of Solevia maintained an abnormally high level of feudal autonomy, even taking up a brief membership role in the Varentine League during the War of Seven Emperors in Volscina. By the turn of the 17th century, increasing attention from Lapinumbia saw Solevia slip from Celanora’s control, bringing with it the surrounding province of Solevera. The newly independent nation defended itself from an attempt to reconquer it by Celanora with support from the Lapinumbian navy and Volscine Condottieri mercenaries, eventually forcing Celanora to recognize its independence in the peace deal.

Though it had been a republic ever since its independence, a failed coup by the oligarch caste of the nation prompted an official constitution in 1877, which remains in effect to this day. Solevera did not participate in the Great War, though it did produce goods and equipment for both sides in Novaris, earning it a sour reputation in Celanora especially, where most of the combat took place.

In the modern day, Solevera is a prosperous trade port, with the vast majority of the wealth and population located within the capital city of Solevia. It maintains neutral or friendly relations with most of Novaris, the only exception being Celanora, with which there is a level of mutual animosity.

(I am not including a claim map, as Solevera was already been added to the map with Celanora)