Free voice of Raincats, National Radio

Taday our nation has celebrated dau of the stork - our nationals simbol. This festivity bekame hollyday only this year, but in folk tradition it was celebrated from prehistoric times. It is belived that child mor on this day will live long and prosperious live. So it’s ussual to see small population boom near this date.
The president of our nation personaly greeted mother of firt child born today, and presented her gift - shopping coupon for national kids’r’we shops chain. “It’s little tribute for our superstitions”, said he smyling.

And that’s the news for today. All hail Raincats!

Media news.

Taday was premier of new movie by director, laureat of countless national prises, Pookie von Purrr - “Killer Chickens vs. comrade Catman”.
In first day there was allready 900000 citisens who seen this movie.
Almost all critics gave best apraisals for this movie as most patriotic, deep and breathtaking.
Director himself aout his creation said: “I wanted to remind for audience what meens to be citisen of our proud country, there are deep metaphors about our culture, about our past. Chickens and cats are traditional enemies, this image is rooted deep in our folclore and it reflects our way of thinking, its battle of good versus evil. Its story about how good can be fragile in the face of evil if we just forget what our enemy realy is”.
This move certainly is hit of the year, you can see that allready it made big impact on population, everywere on our streats peapole are wearing tshirts with “Eat the chicken - fight for our future!” slogans. It’s almost certain that this creation will be exported to the neighmour countries soon, the real dated for this is not clear yet.
So, eat the chicken and hail to raincats!