From the Ashes...

October 16th, 2020
Ourouborus Military Base

The order was given: they would advance across the strait into Alksearia. They had been planning this for months, or even years now. For most of the soldiers, this was a familiar feeling. Moving in squadrons going across the strait, where there are no naval defenses. It was as if the Alksearians were asking for it. For all of the soldiers there, the adrenaline was rushing and everyone was excited for combat.

But not for Tor’kum. His father forced him into the armed forces several years back. For him, this was yet another mission that he was being forced on. 325,000 troops were moving into Alksearia, yet half the world was at war with them. Simply put, he was sick of all the war, and he was sick of his father praising the Grand Vizier like a god. He missed the times when the monarchy had power, and he missed when the Grand Vizier answered to someone else. In some respect, Tor’kum thought that he was alone in the waves of Ursines marching toward the strait to cross over. It had only been 10 minutes, but there were already 20,000 troops on the other side. He had to do something about this, he just had to…until he walked right into a Sergeant walking his way.

“Private! What the hell do you think you are doing?” the sergeant yelled.

Tor’kum could see the last name of the officer: Sher’xgut. A relative of Ony’xgut no doubt.

Tor’kum responded, “Sorry sir! I wasn’t watching where I was walking, sir!”

“Yeah, you seemed to be wandering aimlessly you elf brain. Where are you going?” Sher’xgut asked

“I was going to the explosives, sir! That is my station, sir!” Tor’kum responded.

“Good. I want those ready for when we cross, and don’t try any funny business elf brain. I don’t want any of the explosives missing.” Sher’xgut barked.

“Yes sir”

Tor’kum continued walking away. Luckily for him, his comrades were waiting for him near the explosives. He hurried back towards the explosives. As he approached he saw his best comrade Luk’chest. A cousin of the Grand Vizier, yet treated like shit. He managed to hobble over to them before long.

“Oy, what took ya so long?” Luk’chest asked.

“I accidentally ran into a Sergeant. The bastard called me an elf brain again.” Tor’kum responded.

“Trust mah, you don’t need to be bothered by him any more. Especially considerin’ where we going. I managed to get a few more people to join us. One last trip to the depot, eh?” Luk’chest asked.

Tor’kum took a moment to consider. He looked back at the majority of the army marching away. He looked back and simply nodded. As he loaded into the truck, he watched the Balistrian Army march in an almost synchronated way toward the strait. So many troops and so little space. Tor’kum chuckled to himself as he looked toward the road. One last trip to the depot and then I’m free.

Royal Palace
Urgia-Nova, Alksearia

Dorothea had just returned to the palace to watch the news when she saw the death of Eldras on live television. For a moment, she could feel the world around her crashing. She wandered aimlessly into her now-late father’s study. There, she found a letter written by her mother to him. She picked up the letter and opened it.

[spoiler]Dear Eldras,

I know you have a lot of work to do for the Kingdom, but I urge you to come stay with me and my family in the north. They miss you, and would absolutely love for you to cook for them again. They love your chicken dumpling recipe, and wish to have it soon. The kids even miss you too. Dorothea is getting ready to graduate with her Masters in International Politics, and John is getting ready to go study chemistry or physics. Andrea wants to spend more time with you and to also hear stories about your mother and father.

I also have some really good news for you. Remember how I’ve been feeling ill the last couple weeks? I had a doctor look into it once I got up here, and their test results came back. I’m pregnant again! I know the by the time you get this letter, I would’ve called you and told you, but I know you like to have things in writing for your own purpose. But seriously, come take a break and relax. You deserve it.

I love you and I miss you.

Signed with love,
If it wasn’t for the tears flooding her face, she would jokingly call the letter gross. Eldras never got to learn that his wife was pregnant. Dorothea dropped the letter on the desk as she curled herself into a ball on the floor crying. She didn’t hear or notice anyone walk in .

“Princess Dorothea! I found you!” a familiar voice said.

As she poked her head up, she could faintly see through her water clogged eyes Lord Alexander standing in Eldras’ office…or was it her’s now? She didn’t have time to debate it in her head.

“Hey…I…I’m sorry” Dorothea responded, “I didn’t think anyone…”

“It’s okay. There is a lot you are going through. I only came to tell you that I think we should call our allies. They might be able to help us a lot right now.” Alexander said.

Dorothea nodded, “Yeah…We need all the help we can get.”

As her tears continued to flow down her cheeks, she picked up the phone and dialed for Norgsveldet first. She knew that Norgsveldet and Alksearia have good relations. She tried her best to keep her crying silent, but even so, she absolutely wanted to go back to bed and wake up from this terrible nightmare. She started to phase out when a voice on the other end said, “Hello?”

Grand Vizier’s Office
Ouroborus, Balistria

Whit’chest walked into Ony’xgut’s office. She had just seen the death of Eldras on the TV in front of her. Whit’chest closed the door behind him. He turned around and asked Ony’xgut one question.

“Does the NEC still support us?”

Ony’xgut looks down at her feet for a moment. Whit’chest grew frustrated with her. She has helped him rise to power, and she has been instrumental in staying in power. WHy was she defaulting on him now?

“I’ll ask again, maybe you didn’t hear me.” Whit’chest said walking closer to Ony’xgut, “Does the NEC support us??”

Ony’xgut cowered into the back of her office. Whit’chest grew increasingly angry at her. All he wanted was a simple yes, and he would be on his way. Why couldn’t she just answer his question??

“I will ask ONE  last time! Does. The! NEC! SUPPORT! US!!” Whit’chest yelled.

“NO! They don’t! They saw what you did, and even I think you went too far! You weren’t supposed to kill him! The agreement…” Ony’xgut started.

“The agreement was I could do what I wanted to him. We had to show those fucking Monarchist nations that their monarchs mean nothing! They merely drag down the nation. Our agreement was you would keep out of my way, and you make sure the government keeps functioning. You have broken the agreement!” Whit’chest said.

“I broke it?? I broke it?? You broke it by killing him! You literally killed the one man who would’ve worked with us and played into our trap. Instead, you sprung it too quickly and you killed him on LIVE television. Why should I pity you? You fucked up, not me!” Ony’xgut retorted.

Whit’chest could feel his anger rise through him. He sighed. He had been betrayed by his own deputy, his right hand man that had been with him since the start. He couldn’t understand why. At this point, he knew what to do. He pulled out of his pocket the same gun he used to kill Eldras. He pointed it at Ony’xgut.

“You know what this means. You do the crime, you pay the price. Anything you need to say before it’s over?” Whit’chest asked.

Ony’xgut looked down and then looked at him. The look in her eyes made him second guess for a second before she spoke.

“Through the Shadows, we persevered.”

Whit’chest gripped the gun, second guessing himself until he remembered the crime that she had committed. He raised the gun fully once again.


October 18, 2020
4:57 pm
Shaisas City Beach
The Iphelklorian transport fleet finally stops after non-stop sailing for the past days. Two dozen ships of different kinds formed a diamond, with most of the amphibious assault ships and transport ships in the middle and destroyers on the outer rim. The fleet barely passed by New Blackfire’s borders without getting spotted. The ships approached the shore near Shaias city and let out all of their cargo. Dozens of B-52’s and mechanized landing crafts exited the ships. Soon, the beach was filled with Iphelklorian APC’s, soldiers, and infantry transport vehicles.

A mustachioed man stepped out of one of the B-52’s. Dressed in navy blue, Generál-mayór Yukov Otis surveyed the beach. Behind him, his fellow senior officers stepped out of their respective B-52’s. Otis’ small group of senior officers and their escorts walked to the established forward operating base. Above it, the Balistrian flag and Iphelklorian flags flew. Inside the FOB, a Balistrian soldier saluted the small group and opened the tent’s flaps.
“Ah! Major General Otis I presume?” Lt. Nabu’mili Ork’ac’tuk walked to Otis and offered his hand for a handshake “I am Lieutenant Lt. Nabu’mili Ork’ac’tuk of the Balistrian Army.” Otis took his hand and shook it. “Lieutenant! It is good to see you!” He says as he steps back, beaming “My great soldiers and I will treat Balistrians as our brothers and sisters. We will defend Balistria fully!”. Ork’ac’tuk tries his best not to wipe his cheeks as he continues the conversation. “I have been sent to represent Balistria and help coordinate our forces.” Ork’ac’tuk says “Iphelklori has been requested to help with the garrison of Shaisas and the surrounding area.”
Otis looks at the map where Balistrian officers were plotting defensive lines and fortifications. He sees where his troops would be stationed. Not bad Otis thought to himself as he studies the map. Otis says as he smiles “Lieutenant, show us the way”

(Joint Post with SocDyl)

Urgia-Nova, Alksearia
5th November, 2020
30th Scithe, 40 BA
2nd Tolbakdukarmyet, 105 AR

Vitaly Fletcher sighed as the Durakan Ship came to port. It was finally time. The Dwelf grabbed his belongings and headed up towards the top deck, where he would be meeting with the Knife Brigade of the Durakan Volunteer Corps, and then the Meagharians. “Knife Brigade.” He wasn’t too pleased with that name, but if it at least got some morale in his men, he would accept it. It had been a long boat ride, and cleaning up after seasick volunteers was not what he was hoping for when he took this job. But, he wouldn’t complain. The Dwelf took a deep breath and headed up to the top deck.

Colonel Brigid Aodha got out of bed, her legs still a bit wobbly from three days of sea travel. She had never been at sea before, the first day or so was mostly Meagharian Volunteers rotating through being allowed at the railing to vomit over the side. Fortunately her and all her soldiers had managed to get mostly used to things after the first day. She had been laying in bed, hoping to get some extra rest before she would need to leave the ship. She hadn’t gotten any sleep unfortunately. But the time had come to leave the ship. Grabbing the microphone attached to the ship’s PA system she announced that all soldiers must immediately get into full uniform, before putting her full uniform on herself. Brigid pulled her Overcoat over her casual uniform, sliding her Green, White, and Orange armband onto her arm, placing her brimmed cap on her forehead, and finally she attached her Machete Belt, machete included, to her left side. With that, she strode confidently, if slightly unstably, to the top deck of her ship. She would need to speak with the Durakans soon.

Vitaly took a deep inhale as he opened the door, letting the sea air from the top deck into his lungs.

“Morning Brigadier-General!” called a soldier.

“Morning comrade, has roll call been taken?”

“Yeah, just waitin’ on Private Novik.”

A 19 year old dwarf, upon hearing his name, walked over to stand with the rest of his troops, holding his head after having a bit too much of the vodka he had smuggled with him, upon seeing Vitaly, he stood to attention. “Oh fuck, Knifey’s awake-”

“…That’s Brigadier-General Knifey to you, private.” Vitaly replied, getting a laugh from his men. He sighed, trying to hide his annoyance.

“Right, is everyone ready and accounted for now?” He asked a Lt. Colonel, getting a nod. "Right. Well, please don’t embarrass us in front of our Meagharian guests, they should be arriving shortly for a joint briefing.’

The Meagharian ship was running smoothly. Most of the Soldiers were already fully dressed, some even had their guns slung over their backs already. As things seemed to be forming alright in the lower chain of command, Brigid gathered her immediate lower officers. Lieutenant Colonels Brendan, and Nuala. They should have been colonels, and she should have been a Major-General, but the government had given them the ranks, and they would be sticking to them. As her soldiers continuted to organize, she walked off her ship, touching Dry Land for the first time in days. Rather than doing something childish like kissing the ground, she immediately began marching towards the Durakan ship, her lower officers following lockstep with each other just behind. Finding the gangplank to the Durakan vessel she gave a quick salute to the solider gaurding the gangplank before walking right onto the ship. Seeing the Durakan General she called out. Giving a quick salute as she said so.

“Hail Comrade-Soldier! I’ve heard that there’s a war on!”

Vitaly nodded, calling back: “I’m not sure why we’d be here otherwise! Welcome Aboard, Comrade!”

The Durakan Troops stood in their platoons, saluting the Meagharians as they came aboard. They wore their grey uniforms, some with the tricolour armbands that had become a common accessory for volunteers to show they had fought in the Meagharian Civil War. The Durakan Force, while certainly less in numbers than the Meagharians, were well armed and well known as an elite volunteer force.

The Meagharians were signalled towards where they would be expected to stand, taking an equal place on the ship to the Durakan Troops, the two nations’ brotherhood being shown symbolically by standing side by side.

The higher ranking Meagharians were escorted towards a small meeting room, to ensure everything was ready for the briefing. There were some quiet murmuring among the Durakan Troops on the age of these Officers, with the eldest still looking 3 years under the age requirement to join the Durakan Volunteer Corps, but the Durakan Officers kept them in line and respectful, with Brigadier-General Fletcher and his three Lt. Colonels following the Meagharian Officers into the pre briefing room.

The Pre Briefing Room seemed quite comfortable, with plush chairs around a large wooden table.

“Would any of the commanders like any food or drink?” asked a crew member as they entered.

Brigid spoke first, “I’ll take a Gin, on the weaker side if you will, I’m not a lightweight, but I want to make sure I dont go overboard you understand.” Brendan ordered about the same as his commander but Nuala piped up.

“Vodka please.” Brigid glared at the younger soldier, before adding to that order.

“With Ice.” With that Brigid and her other officers found seats around the tabele. Brigid in the center with her fellow meagharians to either side.

“40 or 90% on that Vodka?” the crewmate asked as he noted down the order, by now he knew the Durakan Orders: Beer for Vitaly, 90% Vodka for Oleksy, and Yorsh for Alexandra and Katerina.

Nuala was about to speak but before she had a chance Brigid spoke. “40%. I’m not letting you get drunk before the campaign even starts.”

“Fair enough, means more of the 90 for crew.” The crewmate smiled, “You can get started, I’ll get the drinks out while you’re talking. Anything else?”

“Thank you Moltkey, that will be all.” Alexandra nodded to the crewmate and he left. She then turned to the Meagharians. The age difference was certainly hard to ignore, as the 32 year old was faced with Officers that she could only assume to be 16 and under. Still, unlike the other two Lt. Colonels, she was almost impossible to read. “I think we should get down to business as soon as possible, don’t want the troops getting bored out there.”

“Ain’t these kids a little young to be Officers?” Oleksy asked. The 34 year old Dwarf was against a 25 year old leading the Durakans, nevermind these teenagers.

“Yes, yes they are. Your point?” Alexandra replied, coldly.

“…Right. Let’s just get this over with.” Oleksy said, a little quieter as Alexandra stared through him.

Looking directly at Olensky, with a perfectly serene look on her face she spoke. “The last person who talked to me like that is lying in a ditch somewhere with his guts torn out by a Machete. Keep that in mind and I am sure we will be fast friends.” She placed her hand on the hilt of the Machete at her side before talking.

“Anyway, the war against Balistria has begun. Our side certainly has a glut of allies, but I am certain that we will be able to make a good impact upon this splendid little war. Our first step will of course be repelling the Balistrian invasion into Alksearian territory.”

"Er, don’t mind him…he’s just a bit…"Katerina tried to think of a way to say it without being rude, but was cut off by Alexandra.

“Lieutenant Colonel Oleksy has about the charisma and tact of a corpse left in a ditch to rot, however I suggest you refrain from drawing your weapon. I took this job to be relieved of my sentencing after some…unsavoury affairs. Bottom line is if you so much as touch an officer with that thing, your body shall be dumped in the ocean. Now, Brigadier-General you may speak, and I ask my fellow Lieutenant Colonels to only speak when spoken to from now on unless they too wish to be found washed up on some Arcturian shore, now proceed.”

As Alexandra was speaking, the crewmate placed the drinks down quietly, giving a look of sympathy to the other commanders.

Vitaly cleared his throat. “Now, back to the topic at hand. Repelling the current invasion must be a priority. as with Vakarastan, the Balistrian force must rely on gaining the starting momentum to defeat their enemy before international forces arrive and outnumber them, we cannot let this happen.”

“Of course. The first major priority must be to stop their initial advance, after that goal is accomplished, it will only be a matter of time before they are pushed back, and crumble beneath their own arrogance. Of course we are not the only players involved, but we have enough forces to ensure that it does happen in the regions that we will be present in.” After her statement, Brigid took a sip of her gin.”This war will inevitably go against these bastards, our job is to ensure that happens as soon as possible.”

“Definitely. We must at the very least hold the lime and pin them. Once we are secure in that we can begin striking them decisively back with the reinforcements from the other nations involved. My main concern shall be how they take the defensive. The DVC have been
trained for this rainforest climate, but not all forces can say the same, and the enemy will sti have the advantage of knowledge back on Balistrian soil.” Vitaly sipped his beer, not much of a drinker but would rather have something light than complain. Well, as light as Durakan Beer was.

“Well this war will have two major aspects as I see it. There will be taking the cities, and eliminating the Balistrian government as a Functional state, that will likely be the main focus of our armies, and what makes it to the Broadcasts. An aspect that might be overlooked, will be the more rural areas, places where the remnants of the shattered Balistria might be able to escape to continue fighting. I believe that this would be something my soldiers would be particularly skilled at, for obvious reasons.” While Brigid was talking Nuala was quietly taking notes between small sips of vodka.

“Your reputation is not unearned, Lieutenant Colonel Katerina can attest to that.” Vitaly nodded to the 28 year old human.

Katerina smiled, and showed her grey, white and orange armband as well as her copper star medal, proudly. “You can call me Kat if you like, got my medal here for strangling a theist when they tried to take my rifle. And yeah, you got that right Fletcher, I can confidently say these troops’ll be experts, even if they ain’t as old as our usual comrades.” She smiled and took a swig of Yorsh.

Brigid gave Katerina a smile. “Your confidence is reassuring. I know for a fact it will not be misplaced. Upon meeting with the Alksearians we will also be requesting topographic maps of Balistria. That will allow us to know the places that such clandestine forces will likely hide. And upon the discovery of such forces, we will ensure their Total Elimination, with prejudice.” With that final vague statement Brigid took another drink of Gin, a much larger one this time, but she still showed no outward sign of intoxication.

“While I am inclined to ignore the suggestion of total elimination for moral reasons, the DVC are not set to the same standards of the MRA. Prisoners are…not always the tactical solution. Either way, we will be sure to conflate any data we receive with you, as well as the UCA-NSTO Armies, however we shall be a bit more…careful what we tell them.” He took another sip, before sighing and sliding the glass towards Oleksy, who finished it effortlessly after practically downing his vodka.

Brigid briefly made a face of disapproval towards Olensky, and made a mental note of his…affinity towards drink. Very Undisciplined of him. She regained her composure before speaking again. “Of Course. As long as we are able to get the job done, why is it their business what the methods involved were?” With that question the Colonel took a brief look at her watch, and took one more sip of the now half filled Gin. “I believe I will need to go now. My Soldiers Should be finished Assembling themselves. Olensky may finish my drink if he wishes.”

“I’m sure he does. Kat and I shall assist with the joint briefing, Vitaly. We may leave Olensky to…clean up, as it were. Make use of him for once” Alexandra said, “You two may talk out of line for now, do not make me regret that.”

Kat nodded, “Yes, Ma’m!” she slides over her ¼ full Yorsh to an eager Olensky and stands to attention cheerfully.

Vitaly nodded to the two women, and then to the Meagharians. “Let’s see our comrades ready to fight the Balistrians, then.”

“I will take my leave then.” Brigid and the other two officers stood up and saluted. “Aindiachas Victeoiriach!”. And with that the officers left the room, as lockstep as they had been when they entered, though with Nuala a bit less perfect than she had been when she entered.

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October 16th, 2020
4:05pm Alksearian Time
1:05pm Norgsveldet

As her tears continued to flow down her cheeks, she picked up the phone and dialed for Norgsveldet first. She knew that Norgsveldet and Alksearia have good relations. She tried her best to keep her crying silent, but even so, she absolutely wanted to go back to bed and wake up from this terrible nightmare. She started to phase out when a voice on the other end said, “Hello?”

Dorothea didn’t fully recognize the voice at first. She thought she was hearing things. She wouldn’t blame herself if she was.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” The voice called out from the phone, being deep yet familiar. With an audible sigh could be heard from the other end. “Look, whoever this I hope it is serious. Today has been a stressful day with the loss of a dear friend….”

Dorothea snapped back into reality fully, “Ah, yes, hello. It’s…It’s Princess Dorothea…or is it Queen now? I’m not entirely sure. How are you?”

There was a slight pause before Olav spoke again. “Oh, Dorothea, sorry did not know it was. And it has been…. Heart breaking these last few hours. Though, there is little reason for me to complain, it must be absolutely agonising for you… I am so sorry for your loss” Olav said solemnly in his voice, having lost the slight tiredness that it had before. As he sat down in his office chair, pinching his temples to help himself from not crying.

Dorothea holding back tears spoke, “Yeah…it’s…it’s hard. I woke up today hoping we would find him, and I’m here closing the day going to war. I…uh…I don’t know what to do. I’ve been trying to find something on his desk to help…but…nothing but pain. He died not knowing his wife is pregnant again…”

For a moment, Dorothea also broke down crying again. She could still feel the pain of watching Eldras die and now trying to take over from him. She did her best to hold back tears.

Olav straightened himself up, he had to help in some way to dampen the pain, Olav knew very well the pain of losing a family member. Hearing the cries coming from Dorothea, Olav could not help but think of Ingrid crying over his inevitable death. “Your father was a great man, Dorothea, and I see the same wonderful qualities that were in him, in you as well. As such you will be a wonderful queen, as he was as king.” Olav said with confidence in Dorothea abilities.

Olav closed his eyes, while pinching his temples harder to stop any tears from coming through. He was so obsessed for revenge towards Balistria, he has almost forgotten to actually mourn Eldras death. “I am deeply sorry, for his death, and that I’ve let your nation fall into such despair”

Dorothea was caught off guard. How could Olav let Alksearia fall into despair? She didn’t quite understand, but maybe it was a friendship that Olav and Eldras had together.

“I…uh…thank you. Look, I know that you and Eldras have a very close friendship…and I hope to continue our friendship. I…I am not sure what we will be doing past this. Lord Alexander is helping me sort out foriegn affairs…but I hope that our nations continue to be friends.  Uh…I have to go…I’m going to try to call our other allies and see what they are doing…”

Dorothea kinda drifted off at the end. She couldn’t tell if she didn’t have the heart for a war or if she didn’t want to be a burden to the other world leaders. She started to sit in the chair when she heard Olav again.

“Always. Norgsveldet shall help Alksearia in any way it can, we stand behind you one hundred percent in this war.” Olav said professionally but the same passion he had earlier in the day, the anger and emotions that he had when he first saw the death of Eldras. But calmed himself understanding that the talk of war would not fit the best for a mourning daughter. 
“If you… ever feel the need to call me, even just the matters of loss and personal issues. Trust me, the need to let out our personal emotions and frustrations in these dark times is very much needed. My wife can testify on that end with me.” Olav gave a slight joke. “And if you don’t want to talk with an old man like me, I could give you my daughter’s number. She is almost the same age as you, and she has already taken a lot of responsibilities. She could give you advice, and she is mature despite her years.”

Dorothea hung up the phone. Tears ran down her face as she heard the words from Olav in her head a couple more times. It was finally starting to sink in that her father really was gone. She sat at the desk for a moment and cried. There was nothing she could do to bring him back, but she could do everything in her power to get revenge.

November 6th, 2020
84 miles off the Coast of Balistria
0800 Hrs

The Royal 7th Fleet was sailing at fair speeds through the choppy south Concordian Ocean, the 8-15ft waves crashed over the bow of the RKS New Kuthernburg Litop Class Guided Missile Destroyers. The ship seemed large until you looked up to the Aircraft Carrier RKS Aderyn who broke through the waves as if they were non-existent to her, the task force consisted of 2 Kuthern Destroyers, 3 Kuthern Frigates, 1 Aircraft Carrier, 1 Ski-Jump carrier, 2 Latianburg Helicopter Carrier, and 4 Nacatan Destroyers, alongside 2 Utipoa Class Replenishment Fleet Oiler and the RKS Dundee Hospital Ship. The 14 ship group was dubbed Taskforce 66 and had been en route to Balistria since October 23rd at full speed from Grondmond Port, the almost two-week journey was coming to it’s ends as the quite deck lit up with the sounds of a famous war song Run through the Forest was playing on the deck.

Admiral Javier Díez was leading the taskforce of 14 ships from the tower of the Aircraft carrier, he sat at his chair as they reached the intended point for the mission operations, he would get up walking down the stairs into the lower level where is office was located. Several captains stood around his desk awaiting his orders for the mission start, as he walked past the men they saluted standing straight before he would nod for them to be at ease. “Today is the day boys that we take the first step in defending our fellow NSTO ally against this ruthless attack by Balistria, is important that we be swift and effective in our objectives in our attempt to not have too much collateral damage in large centers of populations. There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people, and we will continue our goal of promoting democracy and removing dictators from power” Diez would say before looking at the map of Key targets in Balistria.

“Our first job will be to make it rain Hell on those bastards I don’t want to see any enemy structure within 60 miles of the coast, take out enemy ships before they even get a chance to respond. At 1800 hours we will deploy 211th Air Unit to the skinny island of Balistria, it will be followed up with an amphibious assault at 1860 hours on the secured coast. From there we will deploy more marines to start the take over of the small Isle so that we can use it as a forward base of operation, we will be working with IATF forces when needed as well as jointly with other branches. For now, that’s our main and only goal, we get that done and get our damn boys back home” He would say before standing up saluting the men and dismissing them.

Back on the deck things were getting into motion as two KE-7 AWAC aircraft were preparing for simultaneous launches from the deck, the yellow shirts stood on the deck nodding their head to the music as they ran to hook the aircraft onto the catapults. Once hooked on they raised their fingers nodding their heads and leaning forward pointing for takeoff, the propellor aircraft would take off at the same time as the steam rosed up from the deck and they were launched into the air. The pair would head towards international airspace on either side of Balistria monitoring the airspace, the carrier would continue to operate at full capacity as several pairs of F-36C stealth fighters and F-19C Multirole fighters crisscrossed the deck hooking up on all four catapults. Over the course of ten minutes, they would lunch 6 aircraft and follow up with 6 more in the following 14 after that, they would head out over the sea preparing to strike select targets on the air while also providing means to protect the KE-7 if need be.

Alongside the ship, the Destroyer deck sirens could be heard going off as they prepared their missiles for launch, the message of the first strike would be of Shock and Awe a familiar tactic of Kuthernburg. Bellow deck on the Destroyer RKS Istonia several men painted a cracked in half flag of Balistria on the tip of the missile, the star was also cracked in half with a middle finger in the middle, on the other side simply wrote in cursive Fuck Balistria in all red. On another missile, a picture of the flag of Iphelklori with a crack star would have a stick figure taking a piss on it, it was one of the many ways the average sailor past time when awaiting his orders for war. With several of the sailors on the ships being of Alksearian descent, some took the war more personal than others, regardless of what they plan on doing the missiles would reach their targets and hopefully kill some enemies.

22:30 17th November, South Concordian Ocean, above New Leganes air zone.

Several dozens of cargo planes that flew from Nyveldet is planning to land in Alksearia, inside them tens of thousands soldiers and their equipment. Though some of the soldiers was taking a nap, some migh have been playing card games on an ammobox and some just chating along. However there was an uneasy felling in the air, they know that at once they land at Alksaeria they going to be driven right into the front lines. What worried the generals of the opperation was that they have to wait until further reinforcements comes. Which while will arrive quickly with another fifteen thousand troops in two days helping them, it would still give Balistria a lot of time. They knew they had to play defensive the first few days of the war, as such the troops have been equiped with a lot of anti-air, anti-infantry and anti-armour equipments. Though war was always a bloody game, what some of the generals wonder and fear, of what shall peace bring, when they inevtiably win?

05:00 19th November, South Concordian Ocean, western coast of Balistria

Admiral Dennis Sjelver, gave a yawn as he looked out of head of the “HMIN Haraldson” Aircraft Carrier. With several HK-45 “Lynnslaget” fighters, or to be specific multirole stealth fighters, on it being ready to fly with a simple order from him. He could not help and sigh, it reminded him of the Puntalian Situsation, he could have ordered his fighters back then to bomb the Rodenian controled Lima y Limon islands. Though he was ordered from his king to step down his fleet. This time war is unavoidable. This time the entire fleet was in his command, with aircraft carrier, helicopter carrier, 6 destroyers, 12 frigates and 10 submarines and not to metion also working with the New Leganes navy the control of western seas was of no real problem. Dennis knew that completly, but the thing he also knew is Balistria also knows that, they not going to focus their navy on attackin us. They putting its navy in the canals, as such going in there to intercept Balistria. Though he knew it oould be risky, it is an tight area to have so many ships and easily defendable. He hoped the Alksearian navy has been succesful atleast keeping the Balistrian navy at bay long enough. As he looked at the right window, he could see sailors from destroyer potrecting the carrier’s right side being busy, movements of ammo and yelling of their captain to hold their station. Slightest of smiles came at his lips, quite out of the ordinary for the admiral, who was well known for his serious and stoic expressions. But he could not help to be reminded of the times when he served as an captain of a destroyer during the Meremaa Civil War. His destroyer having been one of the main ships during the Battle of Dalamghar. It has been almost 30 years since that brutal war, but it was the war that promoted him to admiral. Part of to thank that to his majesty. As there were several rumours that flew around at the time that it was the king, back when he was a Crown Prince, that noticed his abilities. How? Dennis was not certain, he knew that his majesty served during the civil war, but he certain it was not on his ship. Another sigh left his mouht, more gentle and blissful. As he shook himself away from those memories. And looked more closly over the fighters being readied, pilots having already sat themself in their respectful fighter. With an stern look back to his face, Dennis spoke into a microphone.

“Fighter squadron 1! Go on a scouting mission, squadron 2 cover the rear side! Crew and captains! Prepare for engagement! We going into the canals, our allies in New Leganes will instigate blockade of western coast of Balistria. You better not mess this up!” the admirals voice raged out from the speakers.

St. Matthias Airfield, Alksearia
6th November, 2020

The planes carrying the troops landed on schedule. It had been an effort to get them organized and transported so quickly, but it was one of the benefits of a strong, unquestionable government. These Conscripts were not like the usual UCA-NSTO Coalition Force, but that was natural, seeing as they were not from the UCA or NSTO, that would be made clear at a glance at the emblem on the sides of the plane. The Red and Purple Star of the People’s Suvani Air Force was bore proudly for all to see.

The Upper Suvani troops stood to attention as their Major-General exited the plane. Sholban Baatar stood in front of his men. The Suvani Socialist People’s Army,  forces from the so called Red Lightning Offensive of Adelisia, stood proudly in front of their commander. They wore their Green Cap and Uniform proudly, bearing their distinct Red Scarfs. Each man was armed with a rifle, not of Suvani origin, but of weapons acquired from the Cerdani Democratic Republic. The firearms would certainly come in handy on the front, as these men were going to be at the forefront of anti-fascist forces, to fight both Balistrian Fascism and the Fascist States that dared stand against the world to support this sorry excuse for a state.

Needless to say, Lower Suvania was one of those nations, and Baatar was all too aware that they were the real reason the Chairman had requested forces be sent. Their goals were to see Balistria and Lower Suvania crushed in this war, and to stand above the corpse of fascism as the vanguard of a proud state who fought for the international community. After all, they would need the world to turn the other way when the opportunity they had waited so long for presented itself. That opportunity seemed to be coming closer and closer now, with the AoP seeming more and more confident that their side of the plan could be ready by 2021. If Lower Suvania could be embarrassed on the international stage in Balistria, it seemed only inevitable that things would fall into place for their downfall.

Baatar said a few words to his men, keeping it short. There was no time to waste after all, better to inspire the men as fascist blood is spilled rather than stand here in an airfield named for a theist.

SIAF Gurav, Above Lower Suvania
23:45, November 10tth, 2020

Over the past few days, the five ex-civilian planes that seemed to be the last of the old Suvani Imperial Air Force had been tasked with transporting troops and supplies from Tugrikhota to the Balistrian Capital.

Each plane, carrying ~75 troops was expected to make 8 round trips from the 4th to the 12th, and all had been going well so far.

Altan Saran had let his co-pilot take charge while he made a short prayer for safe passage. Ayalagch was the patron of wanderers after all, and he was already feeling a little homesick.

Despite his conscription, he had never gotten used to military service, and the guilt he felt over missing his wife’s birthday for this did not help. He would make it up to her soon, that he was determined about. Just got a few more flights to go

02:30, November 11tth, 2020

Flying ahead of the SIAF Gurav, the Tav had been flying for over 3 hours now.

The troops were restless, anxiety and insomnia keeping the 12th and half the 13th Platoon sat awake on the plane, looking into the infinite void of the cloudy night. Private Erden leaned back in his seat, bored and not exactly the happiest up in the air. He felt a little off, like something was very wrong, but he didn’t know what. However, he shook it off. Just not used to flying, that’s all.

08:55, November 11th, 2020


S3- This is SIAF Gurav calling SIAF Tav, how’s the ride? Over.

S5- This is Tav, little choppy but nothing alarming, George is on the fritz, but that’s nothing new, Over.

S3- Roger that Tav, heard anything from Balistria yet? Over.

S5- Nope, should be in the range of their air traff-…

S3- Hello? Over.

S5- A loud hissing sound, before silence

SIAF Gurav, Above Balistria
09:02, November 11th 2020

Altan looked over to his co-pilot, exchanging concern as all communications with Tav had gone dead.

“M-must be faulty comms r-right? They said their autopilot wasn’t working…so maybe…” His co-pilot looked to Altan, trying to reason a solution out of this.  Altan was sweating as he looked down at his radar. Five. What had once been one dot of the Tav was now five.

Altan tried to make a distress call, but his hand was shaking. He didn’t know what had just happened, but he could offer no confidence to his co-pilot. He tried anyway.

As he struggled to give some words of support, or some plan, or just something to ease the situation, a deafening explosion came from the hold, as Gurav joined Tav in it’s fate. The comms centre was gone, just as the nose of the plane had been blown off, the explosion was only exemplified by the change in pressure.

The two planes hit down on Balistrian soil in the hour, fiery debris being all that was left. The death toll approximated 146, with no survivors. Altan’s wife would hear about it the next day, his promise to make up for missing her birthday laying dead with the wreckage in Balistria.

Abel Maes smiled as he heard the news, it had been the largest show of AoP force in the organization’s history, and there was oh so much more yet to come…

Urgia-Nova, Alksearia
6th November, 2020
31whatth Scithe, 40 BA
Noon Alksearian Time

Colonel Brigid marched up to the palace of Alksearia. It was certainly more…strange than she had expected. They often weren’t explicit, but there were small theistic trappings clearly defining this place. Of course she had seen this sort of thing in the great buildings of the Cities that she had conquered for the Meagharite Cause, but seeing them there without being violently scrubbed away whenever found was a new experience. But still, this audience was important to her. She would never get to meet King Eldras now, but meeting his Daughter would provide some insight, plus she had some news to give her about the outcomes of her father’s charity in Meagharia, and how they had changed with his death. Upon arriving at the door royal guards stopped her. With a sigh, she removed her Machete, her Rifle, her Sidearm, and the knife in her boot.

“I don’t want a scratch on them when I get back!” And with that she stepped inside the palace. It was even more ostentatious than she could have imagined, more richly furnished than the home of any Milofite priest. If it weren’t for a servant catching her she would have been entirely lost, after explaining the Situation she was brought to a waiting area, and took her seat in the far too comfortable chair.

The double doors to an office opened up. Dorothea stood in the doorway and looked at the girl a little oddly.

“Are you Colonel Brigid?” Dorothea asked, a little puzzled.

“I am your majesty.” Brigid spoke a little awkwardly.

“You don’t have to refer to me as your majesty. Dorothea is quite okay. My father never liked people referring to him as a noble. Too many people assumed he would be arrogant. I thank you for taking the time to meet me. Come inside my office.” Dorothea said motioning Brigid to follow.

Brigid stood up from the chair, it was a bit too soft for her anyway and followed the queen. Her steps were as exact as usual, but her mind was racing, why was she here? It was practically going right into the house of the enemy, but for some reason it didn’t feel that way. She decided to speak.

“Your Majes…Dorothea…” This kind of Casualness felt unnatural to her, but she didn’t want to make the Queen upset. “I have some updates about your father’s work in my country that I think will please you.”

Dorothea closed the doors behind her. Her eyes lit up, “You do? I would be happy to hear. I just recently came into control of the foundation, and I was looking for ways to keep it going, and to potentially expand it.”

“Of course, and I and my Comrade-Soldiers would appreciate that immensely. For starters, In light of your fathers murder,” As she spoke a flame of anger seemed to make her Green eyes glitter. “The government has authorized for the Psychiatric Institution under construction in Sherman to be named ‘The Eldras Tuvania Memorial Hospital’. When it is completed you will of course receive an invite to attend the opening.”

Brigid paused thinking over her next words. “As for the program that already exists…I don’t know the exact details, but from all I know its been very successful.” Her eyes began to tear up slightly, but they did not stream down her face. “I know it has helped me with dealing with peace over the past few months.”

“I understand the grief that you feel, but I cannot imagine the pain that you feel from fighting from such a young age. I also understand that your nation does not like religion, so I have done my best to at least hide away some of the more religious items I have in my office. I didn’t want to offend you or your nation.” Dorothea said, “And while we are discussing it, I know the Archbishop called for missionary psychologists to join the Foundation, but I promise you we will not send them to Meagharia. It would be a breach of the trust we have built with you, and it would be a breach of the core reasoning for the foundation.”

“It would be good for you to impress upon your ‘Archbishop’ that the safety of these missionaries would be in danger were they to be allowed into my country. Not that they would make it past the Burnside Aerodrome before being sent back…” Bridig paused for a moment. “Your Archbishop is very insubordinate to you. If Meagharia had been in the position of your nation, and she had said something like that, she would not be in her current position. She acts like a…I forget the word…Fealltóir…” Brigid took a moment before speaking again trying to recall the word. “Ah yes, Traitor.”

“Don’t worry about her. She will be…retiring soon. My friends within the church are not too happy with how critical she has been towards the Monarchy, but also in allowing for a new political party to form to further the interests of the Church within the nation. They already have their autonomous region. They don’t need control of the country” Dorothea said out loud, “But that is not why I called you here to meet with me. I wanted to meet with you and ask why Meagharia wanted to come help a very theist nation?”

Brigid was shocked for a moment, but she didn’t show it on her face. Of course the question made sense, The Meagharian Government wouldn’t have allowed this for any other nation, no matter how many days people protested. “It’s because of… well your Father. For me and by
Brigade he is different. He sent help, when he had every reason not to. That speaks to us. I don’t know where that will go, but it’s something.”

Dorothea looked down at her desk for a moment. For the first time in this conversation, she couldn’t find the right words to say. She looked up at Brigid.

“He wanted to make sure everyone was taken care of. Excuse the indulgence, but it is a famous teaching from the Tomes of Xaethos. He didn’t care who you were; it mattered that you were taken care of.” Dorothea started to tear up a bit, “I know my father would try to work something a little more peaceful out before sending in troops, but I’m not him. I won’t hold you much longer as you have a brigade to get back to, however, if you will allow me I have one order for you and the volunteers that came: Give those damned Balistrians hell. They did an unspeakable crime against Alksearia, and I will not let them off free.”

Brigid gave a wide smile to Dorothea, she was really a theist monarch, but in that moment she was her commanding officer. She stood up straight and gave Dorothea a salute. “Yes Sir. I will ensure that your orders are carried out…with extreme prejudice.” And with that she turned to leave the Palace. This campaign was going to be glorious.

(OOC: Joint post with SirShadow)
October 16, 2020
Seibhu Presidential Palace
An eerie silence filled the room as Domingo Rolex and his staff watched as King Eldras VI’s body flopped to the ground. Rolex turned off the television, not speaking nor moving. The staff waited for Rolex as minutes ticked by. After minutes of silence, Rolex finally let out a sigh before standing up. “Ladies and gentlemen, our friend has been killed and our ally has been attacked.” Rolex says, in his thick Durdneelian accent “Contact the MND and tell Mangumbatan to meet me in 30 minutes, tell Dorbes to get a hold of the Alksearian embassy and for the love of Xaethos, Charles please don’t fuck up the presscon. Now everyone, get out. I need to make a call.”
Rolex sat down on his chair. Eldras, not you too Rolex thought to himself, the image of the Alksearian king’s body flopping over was replaying over and over in his mind. He was devastated. He mourned the loss of his friend. Despite being 5 years older than Rolex, Eldras and he were good friends. It was Eldras that first approached him in his inauguration.  It was Eldras that guided and supported Rolex when he was starting out. It was Eldras that was there that mourned with Rolex when his father died. He puts his head in his arms, crying and remembering the memories he had with the king. After sobbing for a while, he turns his chair around to look at the cabinet behind him. He looked at the framed picture on the second shelf. It was a picture of him and Eldras’ family during one of OFAC’s annual summits, smiling as much as they can. His eyes settled on a young Dorothea, smiling in her small red dress. Dorothea Rolex says to himself She must feel terrible right now.
He turns his chair around, reaching over to his desk’s right drawer. He opened the narra desk’s drawer, exposing a grey telephone. He pulled the wired phone out together with a small blue notebook. He placed the phone on top of his table and flipped the notebook open. The notebook was Rolex’s personal phone book containing all of the numbers of world leaders including King Eldras VI’s office. On the notebook’s first page, a familiar old-looking stick-it note was placed. “Good luck anak!”. Rolex teared up a little, it was his dad’s stick-it note from almost 10 years ago. “God damn it your old geezer,” Rolex says while chuckling and wiping off a tear from his eye “Even in the grave, you still manage to tear me up!”. He flipped the page and started looking for King Eldras VI’s number, eventually finding the name ‘Eldras’ scribbled in. He grabs the phone but pauses for a bit. This wasn’t the first time that he’d be calling the number, but it would be the first time that it wasn’t Eldras answering.

Dorothea sat in the chair she normally would see her father in. Norgsveldet was an ally and a friend to call upon, but she couldn’t imagine how any of Eldras’s friends would be handling this crisis. She took a deep breath. All of the pain that she had felt of her father’s passing started to turn to rage. She could feel herself thirsting for revenge. She had one of the guards go look for Lord Alexander after she had dismissed him (rightfully so so that she could cry), but now she wanted him to guide her. She looked down to see all the papers Eldras was writing and thought to herself, How can I inherit such a legacy?

Shortly after, she heard the telephone ringing. Shocked at this considering that most allies knew of his death, Dorothea hesitantly answered the phone.

“Hello?” Dorothea asked shyly.

“Queen Dorothea?” Rolex says “This is President Rolex of Sokala. It’s been a while since we talked.”

“Ah yes. You were good friends with my father. I’m guessing this has been hard on you as well?” Dorothea asked.

“Your father and I were….” Rolex trails off, trying to stop tearing up again” were indeed good friends. He was a good man. It hurts but I surmise you hurt a million times more than I do.“

Dorothea paused. She looked down in her chair, “Yeah…it…feels weird sitting in his chair and in his office. To be fair, I don’t know how to carry on his legacy.”

“Trust me. Legacies are overrated.” Rolex chuckles a bit, remembering his father “But I’m sure you’ll do fine.”
“If only it was that simple.” Dorothea responded, “in some respect, I’m glad we know the Balistrians did it because now I know who to go burn.”

“I expect the Balistrians to advance first,” Rolex says “and I’m willing to bet you’ll see some Iphelklorian flags amongst them. I’d be more surprised if none of those daoine dúr show up in Alksearian borders today.”

“Preliminary military reports say that a Balistrian invasion is very likely. I’m waiting for the Grandmaster General to get me more information. I haven’t heard much about Iphelkoria, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the two support themselves” Dorothea said, “I worry for the safety of Alksearia’s citizens and for the soldiers that will be coming to help us.”

“I’ll be ordering my armed forces to form a task force that will be sent to your aid,” Rolex said ‘’ Mangagamot of Yadylika is also asking for me to let his ships join any fleet that might come from ours. Expect my troops to arrive by the 18th or 19th. For now, sit tight and stay strong Dorothea.”

“You too. These are going to be hard times for all of us.” Dorothea said.

A click could be heard from Dorothea’s side of the conversation.

After Dorothea hangs up, a knock can be heard from the office door. “Come in,” Rolex says. Catrina Mangumbatan enters, closing the door behind her. “I’ve already put our troops here and in Yadylika on high alert.” Catrina says as she sits down” The SEF and the First Fleet is currently being mobilized” Rolex sits in silence for a bit, before pressing the licorice dispenser in the wall. “You know Catrina at times like this those Iphelklorians might see this as an opportunity,” Rolex says “They might capitalize on the First Fleet leaving as a sign that Yadylika is up for grabs. We’ll make sure those fuckers pay if they do.”

October 19, 2020
7:32 am
North Eastern Alksearia
Inside the GSS Belth, the sound of engines heating up, marching of boots, and shouting of commands became the main noises on the ship. The second-largest operation in modern Sokalan military history was about to commence. More than ten thousand Sokalan military men were aboard the various ships involved in the large-scale operation. All of Sokala’s Armed Forces; Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines; are participating in the Eldras Task Force.
Below the deck, General Lucas Magilas coordinates with Alksearian forces on land. “We’ve cleared the beaches and the airfields,” Grandmaster General Jacques asks “3000 troops are incoming, correct?”.
“There’ll be more coming in the following weeks but I’ll be arriving later to help coordinate the defense,” Magilas replies” What’s the current situation on the front lines?”

“Well, Balistrian and their foreign volunteers took us by surprise on the 16th” Jacques says “But our troops on the front lines are holding strong”

“Good to hear” Magilas replies “Dieu vitesse General Jacques.”

“I look forward to working with you General Magilas.”Jacques replies “May Xaethos protect your troops, and may the Balistrians fall to their knees”
“The same to you General Jacques” Magilas replies before ending the call.

October 19, 2020
11:43 am
North Eastern Alksearia

Dozens of amphibious assault vehicles and landing crafts unload and head for the Alksearian beaches from GSS Belth and the other Aries-class amphibious assault ships. On the deck of GSS Belth, C10 Blackfish helicopters packed with soldiers and equipment depart. After an hour or two, all troops have arrived at an empty field. Soon, the field would be empty no more as the Logistics battalions put up tents, light garrisons, and other structures. Soon

The 6th of Matmet, 541 KV
October 19th, 2020 CE
0636 Hours (UTC)

Urgia-Nova, Alksearia

“We’re on final approach to Urgia-Nova,” came the voice of Captain Tondri Androkar over the speakers. “We are now the first Royal Acronian Armed Forces plane ever to cross the Prime Meridian.”

There was a mild chorus of cheers and clapping among the soldiers on the plane. It was a Royal Acronian Army Aviation cargo plane retrofitted to be a troop carrier: a K400, fondly known as a big-belly, rumored to have been given its formal name of K400 after the famously fat King Kanor IV. In this configuration - without paratroopers - they could fit 300 soldiers in a plane. And while this plane was the first Acronian plane to enter the Eastern Hemisphere on a mission, it was certainly not going to be the last. Every single K400 had been pressed into service for what the RAAF had tentatively named Operation Eastern Sky - the Balistrian War.

General Aždra Vontrešt Mandrivat sat in a small, hard metal chair bolted to the wall, just like her 299 fellow soldiers of every rank. She would be the commanding officer overseeing the Acronian ground and air forces in the Balistrian Theater, bearing the newly-minted title Commander, Arcturian Sector. The Royal Acronian Armed Forces had never before had an Arcturian Sector. It was difficult for the General to feel excited, however. In fact, deep in the pit of her stomach she could feel a sinking dread. It lingered no matter how hard she tried to ignore it, or focus on anything else. This war was almost certain to be a bitter, violent slog. There were tons of countries involved now including members of most major global alliances. The Balistrians and their few allies, though, were placing everything on the line, everything they had. They had been planning this for years. There was nothing to look forward to here.

“General? Just got radioed from the rear station in Nyveldet. All our birds are in the air.” An aide walked over to the General, brandishing his sat phone.

“Good to hear, but sit down somewhere, for Akrona’s sake. We’re about to land.” The General chuckled as her flustered aide looked around to frantically find a seat. With all their birds in the air, including all 6 K400s and a few other various transport options, including a former commercial airliner Army Aviation had purchased and quickly repainted, that meant there were approximately 2300 Acronian soldiers in the air, all of whom would be landing in Alksearia today. And then all those planes would fly right back and pick up some more. The Prime Minister had committed over 26,000 Acronian troops - by far the largest Acronian troop movement since the Great War. Most of them were ground troops from the Army - although a significant naval contingent was also on its way. The Acronian air contingent was much, much smaller, with no formal Air Force participation at all. Army and Naval Aviation would be handling what few Acronian airborne assets were coming to Balistria, since the Air Force was tied up in Ni-Rao.

Of course, since just about every country on the planet with international military movement capability was sending a contingent to Balistria, so the General was confident there would be plenty of planes to pick up the slack.

There were no windows in a K400, but the General had flown enough to be able to tell that they were about to land from the way the plane was moving. She had a liaison planned with the Alksearians as well as with the local UCA command office that had been set up, but she had no idea what to expect when she got off the plane. None at all. Balistria was shaping up to be a conflict like nothing else the world had ever seen. At least not for a long time.

General Vontrešt Mandrivat’s stomach only sank further and faster as the plane landed.

November 14th, 2020
 Battlegroup Athena, Off the Western Coast of Balistria 
0923hrs (UTC)

The Alyunthian Battlegroup sat idly by off the coast of this heretical nation, just outside of the range of any of the naval guns they might have. For now, the Alyunthians waited, seeing their Kuthernberg brethren doing bombing raids on the nation just days ago. The Admiral in charge, named Kioko Juniper stood on the deck of the Helicopter Carrier Medusa as she looked at the coast. The order had been given just minutes ago and she knew her soldiers and pilots were getting ready. Another front will be opened up and Alyunthia will lead this charge. Kioko looked at her watch and she then retreated to the safety of the bridge. Kioko then watched her attack helicopters take off, starting their advance first before the amphibious assault craft.

She watched as the battle began, the Artemis Attack Helicopters, painted with military camouflage unloaded their ordinance onto the defenders of the beachhead. The destroyers of the Battlegroup opened up their guns onto the more fortified positions, to make way for the infantry and armor. Kioko listened to the communications, seeing that the battle was starting to go well for the Alyunthians. Dozens of dead defending Balistrian soldiers were being reported. The amphibious landing crafts began to move forward, as enemy artillery positions rained hell upon them. This battle will be waged and Alyunthia will come out on top.

“Focus on the heavy artillery batteries” Kioko ordered her fleet. “We need to gain a superior advantage.”
The Destroyers reloaded their weapons before continuing their naval bombardment. The attack helicopters weaving around, providing aerial support whenever possible. 38,000 Alyunthian soldiers are descending upon this beachhead. The first war Alyunthia has ever participated in. They will need to win this, to show that a matriarchy is more powerful than any government.

October 16th, 2020
Fort Muf’lin, Balistria

Tor’kum walked into the armory to help “supply” the front line. His fellow brothers in arms were doing the same. Take the supplies for the front lines, and drive it directly to the stronghold. Everything seemed to be working as planned…

Until he saw a lieutenant standing there near the back of the armory.

“Ah, Tor’kum. It’s sad to see the third cousin of the Grand Vizier working as a grunt.” The lieutenant said, “why don’t you use your family ties to advance up the ranks? Or are you hiding something? It’s almost as if you like being a grunt”

“I made a promise. I would work for my position. I have proven myself before, and I’ll do it again this war. If I get promoted, that’s good. If not, well then, I continue doing my job.” Tor’kum replied.

He bent over to pick up some of the ammunition when the Lieutenant stood closer to him.

“You know. I have this…journal on me that I found by your bed. It would be a shame if the upper staff knew of this book, or even the Grand Vizier.”

Tor’kum’s head snapped up. Looking the Lieutenant directly in the eyes, trying to see what game the Lieutenant was playing at. For a moment, only the black eyes could be seen, before Tor’kum nodded his head.

“Indeed, you have discovered my plot…however, I am afraid that you are a little too late. The sun has set on Imperial Balistria.” Jacques said calmly, but sternly. His voice carried through the armory enough for his fellow brothers to hear. Without missing a beat, they closed the doors to the armory and locked it. Others took aim at the Lieutenant.

The lieutenant laughed, “You think you’ll be able to kill me scot free? The entire chain…”

Tor’kum punched the lieutenant in the face. As he watched the lieutenant hit the ground, he leaned over him and smirked.

“You know, we don’t need to kill you. Kidnapping will do the same thing.”

Tor’kum walked away and finished his job of moving ammunition out of the amory. They managed to tie and restrain the Lieutenant and throw him into the back of the convoy truck. Tor’kum walked over to his fellow brothers in arms and discussed with them for a little bit.

“Alright, slight change of plan: we blow the armory up. We got enough explosives in there.” Tor’kum announced.

“But won’t that jeopardize our mission by doing that?” one of the privates asked.

“No it won’t. The logistics that come through here would be disturbed. In addition, they would be down supplies that they desperately need right now. In addition, it would cost more manpower than they can afford to rebuild this one.

October 18th, 2020
1300 hours
Lower Alksearia

Sher’xgut walked out of his tent after a good night’s rest. He knew that today there would be a small presence of Norgsveldian troops, but nothing that would stop them. ALl the ammunition and explosives they would need should also be arriving…or have arrived by now. Something seemed off to him. He pulled the nearest private and asked him a question.

“You! Did we receive any supplies earlier this morning?” he asked.

“No sir! Nothing came through sir!” the private responded.

The private looked like he was going t oshit his pants, and frankly, Sher’xgut enjoyed that authority. He chuckled a little before responding.

“Thank you. I want you to continue with your job.” Sher’xgut responded.

“Well sir, my job is to deliver this message to you from the Eastern Armory.” the private responded. He handed a letter to Sher’xgut and quickly ran away.

Sher’xgut was puzzled as to why the High Command would be sending him a letter out of all people. He opened the letter and read.

— Begin quote from ____

ATTENTION Sher’xgut,

The Eastern Armory has been destroyed, and any supplies from that area are now missing. We suspect an inside job, and we suspect it was one of your men. We found the body of a Lt in the rubble and ashes. As you are second in command of the Western Front, you are hereby temporarily promoted to Lt. Do well in this war and this promotion may be permanent or even lead to a higher promotion. Fail, and you will be executed for your crimes.

Baslistrian High Command

— End quote

1426 hours
Salisas, Balistria

Tor’kum sat in a makeshift office/radio station. He had an important message to send out to the people of Balistria, but he wasn’t sure how the army would take such an announcement. It was treason to declare what they were declaring. He sat at his desk and breathed. The signal would be sent any moment. After a couple more minutes of silence, Vot’akum walked into the room.

“So, it is estimated that it will be another 5 minutes before the radio frequency is hacked. How are you feeling?”

“Ya know, I felt better when we were planning this in the dark and conspiring. Now that it has come to fruition, I’m not entirely sure how things will end here. This is treason, but also, Balistria is doomed without it. How does the audio sound on your end?” Tor’kum responded.

“Well, the Colonel says that it’s crystal clear. We just need your message and it will begin.” Vor’akum stated, “Though it does go without saying, if you want to back out, we are willing to let you go back on the…”

“NO!” Tor’kum said sternly, “I want to be here. I want to deliver the messages and be the voice of the people! If I fight, I could die and then what use would I have? This is my moment.”

Vot’akum nodded. Tor’kum could feel the excitement running through his body. He could feel that this is what he was benign called to do for his country…no, his people! He had enough of the oppressive regime, and it was time to end. He looked down at his remarks again, going over how it would sound, and even how it would be delivered. By the time he looked up again, Vot’akum was outside the door talking to someone. He couldn’t directly hear what they were saying, but it had to be some good news. A couple seconds passed before Vot’akum re-entered the room.

“It’s a go.”

5 minutes later…

Tor’kum sat straight up in his chair and looked directly into the microphone. He saw Vot’akum sitting opposite him while a pair of headphones. The only thing they were waiting now was the order. One second…then another…then another…the wait was killing him. He went to relax a little when Vot’akum looked up and nodded. He raised his right hand…and the signal was given.

“Good afternoon People of Balistria,

My name is Private First Class Tor’kum. However, after today, you can simply call me Comrade. The citizens and people of Balistria have suffered under the oppressive hands of the Whit’chest regime. Their power was concentrated within the power and the might of the army and in the blood of the innocent. There was no better display of this than the barbaric muder of the Alksearian King Eldras. He had committed no crime and was doing what was best for his people. His body now lays dead under the watchful eye of the Grand Vizier. Enough is enough.

Starting today, we the people are fed up with this. We the People have decided that it is time to rise against the tyrant, and install a true and fair democracy. Today, the Freedom Fighters are rising up. We have seized control of the Eastern Island! Today, we make our last stand against a government who seeks to crush anyone in their way. Today, we fight to make a Free Balistria where the people are safe from the iron grasps and where the people have the right to choose their representatives! Today, 15,000 of our brothers and sisters in arms stand to fight. Today is the day of liberation, and today, we fight for a better Balistria.

May Xaethos be with us, and May Xaethos smite the Imperalist government!”

October 19th 2020
Commonwealth Senate building
Privétia Tauríllien, New Leganés

After the daily Senate session, Areuína Karnéias took her path back home. Her wife had just returned from a business in Shoneria, and she was willing to get out of there as soon as possible. However, she had her desires stopped by a wall of journalists at the exit of the Senate building: she knew perfectly what this was for. Balistria. Even when she had ready what she had to say, and even when she how critical the topic was, still it surprised her the enormous attention from the national and international news to her words about the issue. She made her way as she could and redirected herself to the Senate Press Hall. There she spoke to the press:

“Ryés háni vedérek, ladies and gentlemen. The whole situation in Balistria has been one we could never expect to happen: an ally, and even more, a friend, was sacrificed by the deplorable beasts that are now in the government of Balistria. The Balistrian people are ruled by a threat to their own lives, and it seems like, finally, there are voices defending a democratic and decent government. This year, it will make a century from the revolution that ended with those who pretended to destroy our country only for their own good and, with it, brought the beginning of the brightest era the Impelanzan Ocean islands have ever witnessed. Hearing the radio message from the honourable Tor’kum has put a sparkle of joy and hope for our neighbours in my heart, and I hope that solidarity is shared by citizens all around the Commonwealth, with the memory of the victory we all earned in 1920. It is also a hopeful message for Alksearia, as their citizens will now find that there is Balistrian people standing in solidarity with the horrible pain they’ve been made by that government of terrorists with empty brains. We want that people out of the office of a great country like Balistria is as soon as possible, so, after being in talks with the Deputies, I cannot be more glad to announce that both the Commonwealth and National Governments of the Cooperative Commonwealth of New Leganés, the Oblivion Islands and Shoneria will officially support the Freedom Fighters and give them any necessary assistance, and we will also be supporting a fair and democratic government to guarantee a legal transition for Balistria to finally obtain a legal government that cooperates both with their citizens and with their fellow nations. Balistria will be free, and everyone that hurts our allies will be consequently punished.”

Despite being asked several questions, which she usually answers, Areuína did not answer any of them and made her path out of the Senate building, following the indications of the Commonwealth Government to not answer anything due to the character of the issue. She agreed with that indication, and it also helped her on her next target: finally meet with Talísti after two weeks.

Cynebury, Tretrid
October 19, 2020

Prime Minister Eoforwine had just received his daily briefing papers from members of Tretridian intelligence. He opened the folder, stamped TOP SECRET, and started sorting through the papers.

The first papers were nothing too out of the ordinary. They were primarily about the increasingly volatile geopolitical situation in West Novaris. Groaning to himself, he put all of the papers related to West Novaris at the corner of his desk. He could put up with the dumpster fire later.

Most of that dumpster fire was your fault, you know. Maybe things would be more stable if you hadn’t ordered that false flag operation.

Ugh. Eoforwine forced that thought out of his head. He couldn’t change the past, no matter how much he dwelt on it. Feeling guilty about his past decisions would only drag him down.

There was an update on the war in Arcturia. Frowning, the Prime Minister stared at the first few papers. Updates on numbers on the front, and the logistical operation on flying troops, planes, and munitions to Alksearia. Seemed like it was going as quickly as High Command expected it would.

A paper seemed to jump out at him. He started reading it…

A democratic rebellion in Ballistria? Sounded promising.

Eoforwine pondered the matter for a moment, before coming to his decision.

After all, everyone knew what was said about the enemy of one’s enemy.

October 18th, 2020
Royal Palace
Urgia-Nova, Alksearia

Dorothea stood in Eldras…no, her office. It’s taking her a while to call things hers and to refer to herself as the Queen. Her grief still followed her. She stood at the desk looking down at the papers on her desk. Most of them were letters from strangers still giving their condolences and their thoughts and prayers. A stack on her desk was legislation that the caretaker government was trying to pass. However, in front of her, on the desk staring back at her, was a correspondence with the leaders of the Freedom Fighters in Balistria. They seek to free Balistria from the tyranny of the Imperialsts (go figure), but they do not wish to make amends for the death of Eldras. Not only that, but the Freedom Fighters have requested that Alksearia pay her debts to Balistria as a “sign of good faith.” Through her grief, this caused her anger to swell inside of her. No one has the right to demand anything from her after they caused the direct death of her father.

No. She wasn’t going to stand for this any longer. Alksearia has given Balistria too many chances. She was going to cancel all of the debts Alksearia owed Balistria…because Balistria was going to be hers. A new Kingdom to rule over…no…a new Empire. The world needed this. Balistria opposed the very ideal of freedom. She was going to send everyone in Balistria a message: no more. She walked herself down to the press secretary for the Crown. As she walked into her office, Dorothea noticed that there was another meeting going on and accidentally barged in.

“Your Highness!” the Press Secretary exclaimed out of shock, “I didn’t expect to see you in my office. Would you be able to wait just 5 more minutes?”

Dorothea shook her head quickly, “Yea, I can wait 5 minutes. I’m sorry for interrupting…I had a lot on my mind”

She closed the door and sat in a chair outside of her office. This side of the Palace Dorothea felt more at home in. She was used to the Executive side of the Palace where members of the Office of the Crown worked. It made her feel less anxious being here. A couple minutes went by when the people in the Press Secretary’s office left their meeting. Dorothea nodded to them, just to be polite, before walking into the Press Secretary’s office.

“How can I be of assistance, your Highness?” the Press Secretary said.

“First of all, it is Dorothea. Formalities are for formal occasions. A closed door meeting is informal. Secondly, I want a press conference before the news. It’s time to announce our ambitions and our end goals for the war. We should alert our allies and tell Balistria our response.” Dorothea explained to the press secretary.

“I can arrange for a conference in 30 minutes. Be prepared then. Meet me in the Press Courtyard and we will have it” the Press Secretary said.