furry nests

Yesterday after long debates minister of trade and comerce sighned his first trade pact wiht his neighbour country - The Colony of The Fridge Owl Menace. Contract was sighned for 10000 furrbolls, that will be used in nests of Colony of The Fridge Owl Menace as decorations and warming materials.
“This is indeed greath day in our history”, said minister, “this is not only begining of first ever international trade of our nation, but this meens that our national colors [furr colors, ed. nt.] will spread around the world.”
He did not gave any answer about alergenic qualitys of this product, but stated that this is 100% natural product.
We, “the woice of nation” newsservice, are wery happy to be first to announce this news. And of course: all hail to raincat!