General Guns

Welcome to General Guns’s online division, where we can supply you or nations with all your firearm needs! Headquarted in Imperium, Xagrurg, we have been serving reliably and proudly for over 200 years, we have yet to disappoint our customers! Listed below is our firearms for sale along with their prices. If you have any inquiries or complaints, please submit a complaint our customer support division where we will promptly respond to. Thank you for shopping with General Guns!

Assault Rifles
M500 Elite-$2,000 per rifle
M.O.G-$2,500 per unit

N28 Infantry Automatic Weapon-$3,000 per unit

Machine Guns
M62B7 Machine Gun-$13,000 per unit

Submachine Guns
X67 SMG-$1,8000 per unit

M1900 Personal Weapon System-$500 per unit
“For that Hitman in you.” +optional attachment; $50 additional charge

Sniper Rifles:
U120 Precision System-$5,500 per unit
P70 Long-Range Marksmam-$3.5k per unit (regular), $10k per unit (.50 BMG variant)
Harbringer DMR-$16k per unit

“Spear” Projectile Launcher-$126,000 per unit for launch platform, $78,000 per missile

Classic Weapon Series
“Old product lines formerly produced by General Guns that are now being sold again for hunters, enthusiasts, collectors or any less-than-fortunate militaries.”
EM-2 “Sterling”-$5,500 per unit
M41-A Pulse Rifle-$1,800 per unit “Because why not? Comes fully functional with removable magazine, ammo counter, and adjustable stock.” DESIGNED FOR RANGE USE, NOT ACTUAL COMBAT
PAS-36-$700 per unit
PAS-49/56-$900 per unit

If you require anything else such as flashbangs, fragmentation grenadss, or magazines, file a request for the items and we’ll see what we can do.


The Furnifold Royal Defense Force would like to purchase 8,000 units of the model AK-103, as well as associated ammunition and parts, for the sum of 5 million kirib.

To: Furnifold Royal Defense Force
From: General Guns
Your order has been reviewed and approved. Thank you for shopping with General Guns!