Global Moderator Candidate: Marrabuk


The East Pacific Forum Administration would like to notify the community that we have selected [mention]Marrabuk[/mention] to fill a Global Moderator role. Should anyone have any legitimate concerns this is your opportunity to voice them now. As a mass ping will have been issued on the general and roleplay discord servers, the community involvement periods will close within in less than 24 hours, and Marrabuk will formally assume his role by then.

Thank you for your time,

-TEP Admin Team

I do have some minor concerns, but nothing major that would want me to not support this nomination. Since they’re minor, I’ll refrain from disclosing them.

In general, I believe that Marrabuk would serve well as a moderator. As a Discord Moderator, he has shown that he has the values of strictness, teamwork, communication, and clarity that any moderator/administrator worth their salt needs. Additionally, he has extensive experience in moderation, both in the TEP Discord, an RMB RP alliance discord, as well as breaking up RMB fights.

This selection has my support!

See my response to the Marrabuk vizier nomination.