Global Moderator Candidate

Hello all!

I would like to let everyone know that we have decided to bring [mention]Ramaeus[/mention] back to the team as a Global Moderator. As we seek out different ways to better serve you, having an active staff, is important to our commitment to this community.

Over the next 5 days this thread will be a global announcement that will be the Community Involvement Period that will give the everyone in community an opportunity to voice any concerns or questions on/to the candidates and/or The Admin Team. This is also a chance for the candidates to address the community directly if they choose so.

-TEP Forum Admin Team


Aye, Baby! :sunglasses:

I have decided to remove myself from the nomination process in order not to get too swamped with NS+ RL, but I thank the administrative team for the trust placed in me and the honor of the nomination.

I understand, thank you!