Globalism on Nationstates

Globalism on Nationstates.
By Jinckus.

First off, what is Globalism?

By definition, Globalism is the unification of all nations under one flag in the world. Whether this unification is willing or not, is up for debate. Most Globalists in the past seem to have been keen on forcing members under their banner because they felt that they could do a better job running their governments. This has occasionally been true, as Illuminati occasionally proved, as they had several key positions in most of their targets before they hit them. Generally, regions with an Illuminatus in control flourished until the Illuminati themselves decided it was a good idea to make their presence known to the natives.

The Illuminatus’s Globalism

The problem that Illuminati suffered from was a lack of exposure to their ideas. Their leader, Zarvarza was and still is, largely an isolationist. It’s an astounding thought that such an isolationist leader ever thought they could run a globalist empire. In fact, in the four months, I was an Illuminatus, I did not see too many overt operations, and the ones I did were mostly advertised on the RMB and never on the Gameplay forum. It was almost as if Zarvarza and his military preferred the quiet, military takeover of the regions they struck at, something that I can understand to a point. Illuminati have always thrown off this air of secrecy in hopes of luring in naïve young nations, such as me. Their military was impressive, but their intelligence network was even more impressive. People didn’t know how big the Illuminati were, even I don’t know how big their network was, and I was the Grand Chancellor for two months. Illuminati’s Globalism is based on the Ten Guidestones, which I currently do not have access to. Maybe Zarvarza will post them. Maybe he won’t.

The Luciferian’s Globalism

There was a break between the two camps of Globalism that I will mention today. This fracture was due to an opposing in ideals between Zarvarza and me, he was a micro-manager, and I was a macro-manager. In my opinion, a Globalist region should not only have powerful military, but also stronger foreign affairs. The only way to be a truly Globalist society is to have more regions and nations join willingly than to force them under your banner. This is something that I myself have worked on greatly, and will continue to work on. The Luciferian’s Globalism is based on the Three Immutable Truths, which are:

Service to Man is the Highest Calling.
The Will of the World is Truth.
Unity of the World is Perfection

Globalism and its relationship with the NatSovs
The Order has actually allied itself with a few strong pockets of Aretism and National Sovereignty, most notably the Glass Gallows. This is because of my belief that no region should be forced to join the Globalist’s Banner, and those that do join it should retain some modicum of autonomy. The Aretists come into play because I myself believe that the stagnation of a region is the bane of any region, and Aretists, along with being anti-WA, are infamously zealous for their belief in hitting inactive regions with a healthy dose of “tough love” and invading regions that have fallen inactive. I myself would participate in these raids if I could be online at the updating times. For the most part, however, I am content with getting my region active and keeping it that way.

What are the advantages of being in a Globalist Community?

The main advantage of being in any Globalist Community is the sense of ultimately belonging to something MUCH bigger than just yourself or your region. In the perfect, ideal Globalist Community, there are enough positions for everybody to join in and have something to do. Of course, no Community has come close to this, otherwise, the regions would not have popped in and out of existence and Globalism would be more dominate than the other types of regions.
Another advantage is you get to meet a much wider range of people than you would in say a region that focuses mainly on raiding or defending, or solely roleplaying. Again, the perfect Globalist Community would incorporate all of these elements in their Community, however it is often difficult to find the proper balance between the three of them.

Globalists in regards to Raiding and Defending

Globalists seek to unite the Raider and the Defender in the idea that their struggles against each other should not drive them apart, but bring them together. They should be friends, brothers in battle, not enemies hating each other. This sort of thing has nearly torn the world apart in real life, as well as in Nationstates itself. Instead of calling a Raider’s invasion of a region immoral, the Defender should commend his opponent with respect in defeating him and his allies, then pick themselves up and launch an attack back against the Raider. While there are regions that do this, there are not nearly enough in my opinion. I’ve visited a few Raider forums, namely the Lone Wolves United and The Black Riders. They’re on the opposite ends from what I have seen from my brief visits on the respect of Raider’s scale. TBR tends to jokingly prod at Defenders, sometimes even openly mocking them, while reading through LWU, I have seen that they themselves tend to view the Defender as an OK person, if somewhat misguided in their attempts of “protecting” a region.

Globalists in regards to the WA

Looking at the WA, I see too much of the lemming effect taking place. The delegate votes one way, and soon the rest of the region follows. This is ridiculous, and there needs to be some way to rectify this. I myself suggest creating a Global Federal Republic, or GFR. The GFR would function much like the Illuminati’s Round Table did, in that it had an appointed side and an elected side, with two other unofficial seats, the Populace and the “Leader”. In my vision instead of there being an appointed and elected side, there would be a side in support of defending and a side in support of raiding, balanced by the “Leader” and the Populace. The Raiders elect eight delegates and the Defenders elect eight delegates. The Populace writes a draft of a law that they want enforced throughout the GFR, and sends it to the Table. The Table then reviews the law and proposes changes to it before sending it to the Leader to review. He or She then reads the proposal and signs his approval of it. He then sends it back down to the Table for them to sign it, and then to the Populace to vote on the changes that have been made, and to ensure that the law comes into place.

Globalists in regards to Civil Rights

All Globalists (or at least as far as I am aware) support all Civil Rights, including the right to love whoever you want, regardless of their gender. They believe that those rights are what separate us from those who are nothing but animals in their actions . These rights are also what separate us from tyrants. But a Globalist also recognizes that there are sometimes when the rights must be kept reined in, and prevented from spiraling out of control. For instance, the right to speak freely must be curbed in regards to preaching a hateful view of any one minority. Advocating total destruction of somebody just because they offend you, or you do not like them is not okay. You need to understand that while it’s okay to not like somebody, it’s not okay to destroy people because you don’t like them.

I hope this has clarified some ideas on what Globalism is, and what it is not. Thank you. Feel free to comment and debate the ideas
put forth, and whether or not you agree with them. :slight_smile:

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