Greetings from Aventeel

Greetings to the collected nations of the East Pacific!

On behalf of the leader of Aventeel, I would like to introduce our nation and answer some questions regarding the nature of our country and its leadership.

“How did you find NationStates?”
The leader of our country has informed me that he discovered the NationStates community through a site known as Imgur.

“How long have you played NationStates?”
This question I can answer on my own. Ours is a very young nation, having only existed for a week, but we are progressing quickly and are eager to advance and learn.

“What inspired the name of your nation?”
I have been told that the name was a spur of the moment decision after no consensus could be reached during the registration process.

“Have you joined the World Assembly?”
Being such a young nation, we have avoided joining the World Assembly as of yet, preferring to grow and understand this large, complex world we find ourselves inhabiting before making any potentially important decisions.

“What country are you from?”
Before becoming the leader of Aventeel, our founder hailed from a land known as the United States of America. Hearing him describe it, it sounds like a very chaotic place, but not dissimilar from our own nation.

“Do you like watching the news?”
Personally, I cannot stand listening to the news. I prefer to find out information by checking online on the websites of both major and minor news outlets. I believe my nation’s leader is much the same.

“Do you like studying the government?”
Thoroughly! I wouldn’t be the representative of Aventeel addressing the East Pacific if I did not enjoy government work. Our country’s leader has also informed me that he enjoys studying the concept of government, but finds it tedious in practice. That is a slightly worrying thing to hear from the head of one’s country, but I’m sure everything will work out.

Now that the introductions are out of the way, I would like to officially extend an invitation to the officials and citizens of each of the nations of the East Pacific to visit our small nation sometime. Our environment is sparkling clean and quite a sight to behold, and we invite you to see it in person. Photos simply don’t do it justice.

Cordially yours,

Arno T. Fennwile, Aventeel Minister of Tourism