Greetings From Carolina-Britania

so Hi :D. I am C0GSTHEN3RD, aka Prime Governor MacCogson of Carolina-Britania. I’m making this thread to introduce my self and answer…
How did you find NationStates?
How long have you played NationStates?
What inspired the name of your nation?
Have you joined the World Assembly?
What country are you from?
Do you like watching the news?
Do you like studying the government?

I found out about NationStates after rereading Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan Series, and looking for photos of the walking tank known as the Stormwalker. I found someone had made that in a pixel form, so i checked it out. I found the thread, which was a NationStates thread, and noticed that NationStates was a nation building game…and I liked the idea of making my own nation. I’ve been playing for only three days, and my only problem is issues take too long :P.

My nations name stems from my current homestate in the US, South Carolina, and a possible misspelling of the Latin name for Britain. In universe, the FCB has a language split of 50% english, 30% German, 10% French, and 10% Spanish. the FCB is a WA member.

and the answer for the last 2 is yes