Greetings From Naskiga

Greetings fellow members of T.E.P.,

 We the people of the Republic of Naskiga, wish to formally Introduce ourselves to this wonderful region. We are a peaceful people who strive for liberty, Intellectual greatness & the pursuit of happiness. Our Republic has come form the descendants of a nomad herdsmen who have finally decided to settle in these lands ( which we are currently mapping out). Our Head of Nation ( aka the executive leader) Darik Wardin will be the one who shall take care of diplomacy. So if you wish to address us please contact him, otherwise it will take years for us all to reply & we can make sure that if the answer would make any sense. 

                                                                 Thank you for your audience,
                                                                The people of the Republic of Naskiga


Anyone is welcome to visit our nation so long as they provide their passport. We also like to ask that when you do come to visit that you please don’t run over our Scottish Highlander cows. We do understand that they can be an annoyance having to wait for them to move off the road before you can pass, but they are our country’s animal & we do so love them.