Greetings from the Federal Republic of Enslavia

Salutations to all of the East Pacific. I’m Ambassador Atin Ula from Theosalla, the capital of Enslavia. We’re a smaller nation of 8 million Slavs, of whom descended from the Great Eastern Slav Emigration of 200C.E from Europe to the East Pacific. We’ve faced many hardships, but remain optimistic of our role in the world and our influence regionally.
Our nation’s name Enslavia, is derived from En(which in our language, Slavic, means East Land) and Slavia( 0f Slavs). The Enslavian people cherish their freedoms, most of which are recently gained from our transition from a Constitutional Monarchy to a Federal Republic after the death of our beloved monarch Queen Prestinea II. Our nation’s monarchy had spanned 1,235 years, and was absolute till 1881C.E and the Treaties of National Revision. Under the treaty, we enforced a strict isolationist policy to avoid outside interference that may be disloyal to our monarchy. Since the reign of Queen Prestinea II, the process of democratization has been smooth. 10 years before her passing she introduced legislation to allow Enslavia to pursue its destiny via the Act of 2002- Enslavian People’s Right of Self-Determination. Our people have formed 8 political parties in our two legislative chambers that operate under Parliamentry Procedure. We are generally economically conservative, but socially liberal. We are fairly religious with Catholicism being predominat. Regardless of other nation’s policies and religious, we believe Democracy shall always shine through and preside.
We look forward to doing business with the region and welcome all to visit our nation and see her beauty for yourselves. Long Live Enslavia, Long Live the East Pacific!

Atin Ula
Head Ambassador to East Pacific
Department of Diplomacy
1049 S. Regalla Rd. Theosalla, Enslavia