Greetings from the United Republic

The execution of Deitus as a traitor to the Pacific and as a heretic to the NPO, served to reunify the former states of the United Republic. The Democratic Republic of Runsfield is once again a territory of the United Republic.

As president of the newly reformed Alliance of Nations, and 2nd President of the United Republic, I wish to extend my greetings to the nations of the East Pacific. It is my hope to establish diplomatic exchange and peaceful relations with each nation in the region.

Runsfield has suffered through several internal crisis and changes of government, but each crisis has brought the people closer together and has made them stronger. As a territory of the United Republic, Runsfield once again enjoys a stable and secure government and is able to contribute to the security of the region.

So much for resigning from NS, eh?

No. Obviously, I’ve changed my mind about that. I have no intention of quiting NS.