Have You Heard? (刈夙谁伢?)

OOC: The “Have you Heard?” is a local newspaper that is publicly run in Yinyin that was created following the beginning of the modernization initiatives of the town! They’ll be informing the residents of Yinyin about the changes of their town and what sorts of things they can expect from them!

Hello everyone! Have you heard?

The education of Yinyin is getting a major upgrade! It’s the first step the government has taken to try and lift the quality of life for our town. The children of our town have been taught skills and crafts passed down from their parents for centuries, but today marks the first time in the town’s history that our children will go to a designated building to learn the things they need to be successful!

The new school building is located a little ways up north from the town center. So if you’d like to visit it yourself, look for the new yellow building made of wood with a sign reading “School” in that area! The building itself is very simple, it has desks, a board, and some textbooks, but it has everything Yinyin needs to kick-start its education.

Let’s take a moment to get to know some of the staff of the new school. Winoa, a local grandmother, has volunteered to work as the teacher. She has big dreams for the children’s futures and hopes to one day see them become successful. Another staff member named Muna, who recently moved to Yinyin from Ayanka, will be working as an assistant to Winoa. He holds lots of education experience from Ayanka and has the same hopes as Winoa.

Some of the topics the students will be learning include History, Mathematics, Kuduk Language, and the Sciences. The language classes seem to be the most favorite among the children of the school. Little Hako, a student at the school, showed us that he learned to write his name at school.

But it’s not all just basic academic stuff either. They’ve also got some more traditional classes, like how to read Kuduk literature, cook traditional dishes, and storytellings. We want to make sure our kids are learning the skills they need to survive in the modern world, but also keep our culture alive while doing so.

Of course, they’re still working out some kinks in the system. But hey, they’ll figure it out eventually! So come on down to the new education center, to the north and admit your children to the new school.

Until next time!


[The Following article was translated from Kuduk on the 6th of June, 2023. The article was originally posted two days prior on June 4th.]

Have you heard? The Federal Government and the Clans of Yinyin have come to an agreement over the implementation of electricity in the town!

The newfound electricity in the town is expected to bring about a bunch of changes, impacting the overall daily life in Yinyin. From 8am to 8pm, you can expect a consistent and reliable connection to the grid. During night hours, Yinyin’s grid will be shut off except during the winter, where the grid is scheduled to be running full-time for heating.

Given the safety brought about by electricity during the cold winter, the Clans agreed to allow the institution of an electrical grid in the town. This unprecedented cooperation between the Federal Government and the Clans bodes well for Yinyin’s future projects.

Kuduk Wind Turbine
An image of the Xáay Wind Turbine, which provides Yinyin its power

Once the new grid gets up and running, and most likely after fixing a few hick-ups along the way, the residents of Yinyin can expect to enjoy access to commodities and appliances present in the other major cities of Kuduk.

Until next time!