Haha, I’ve registered in all of the GCRs except this one. Figured I make my debut here. :wink:

I’m Libetarian Republics or you can simply call me LR/Lib Reps. I’m the current Cultural Minister over at TRR, and I’m active in the Pacific, TWP, Balder, and Osiris. (By active: I mean being a typical citizen :stuck_out_tongue: )

I make quirky posts on the other GCRs forum every once in a while so you might see me around dropping little posts here and there as well. :slight_smile: Anyway it’s nice to see an active roleplaying function here in a GCR. I’m an inactive roleplayer but I’ve roleplayed a lot in International Incidents.

One question: Anybody know what happen to A Slanted Black Stripe? My correlation memory of the East Pacific when I first joined NS was when ASBS liberated TEP. I was a total noob back then but I somewhat looked up to him and what he done. :blush:

Welcome to The East Pacific.

Nice to see you here God-Emperor :stuck_out_tongue: