Greetings from the Commonwealth of the Anglo-Celtic Isles.

I’ve played NS before and have just started back again. I’ve done all the region hopping things before, so this time round my intention is to stay in EP and concentrate on developing the nation. To aid the roleplay I will be building a wiki describing the different aspects of the nation, personalities, etc. At some point ill probally involve myself in regional politics, but for now i’ll be concentrating on the Isles.

Cool! Welcome (back?) to the EP. I look forward to seeing more of your nation. :slight_smile:

Welcome, welcome, welcome! =].

Welcome to the East Pacific! Its good to have you here. Please do get involved in the RPing. Don’t feel like you need to write up a whole lot before you do it, either, though we certainly don’t discourage such. My point is…feel free to jump right in there!