Henren Claim



Nation Name (long): The Democratic Confederation of Henren

Nation Name (short): Henren

Motto: Passion,Peace,Love

National Animal: Giraffe

Capitol: Marinda

Largest City: Marinda-6,000,000

Demonym: Henrenian

Language: Codexian, Other languages at Republic Level

Species: Human

Population: 2023 Census-68,000,000

Government type: Democratic Confederation

Leader(s): Caretaker Henry J. Hern

Legislature: The People’s Congress

Formation: 1935

Total GDP: 900,840,000

GDP per capita: 13,300

Currency: Henie

Calling Code: 680+

ISO 3166 code: HR HRN

Internet TLD: .HR

Historical Summary: For the majority of history, the islands that now make up Henren were once independent kingdoms. The kingdoms were at war with each other constantly, and treated each other and their civilians horribly. However, there was not a greater hatred between any of these nation’s than Henia and Renisverg.

Henia and Renisverg threw everything they had at each other. Trying to wipe the other out of existence, and fed their citizens propaganda in an attempt to convince the other side was truly horrible. The citizens however were growing tired of the constant wars and wanted peace. Which started a new movement that lead to the creation of the Unified Organization. A group that called for peace between Henia and Renisverg once and for all.

When tensions between the nation’s grew even larger. The Unified chapter in Henia. Being lead by Tommy Bolaire. Started a revolution. To overthrow the government of Henia and establish a democratic nation that would establish peace with Renisverg. The Henian goverment having most of their military busy attacking Renisverg, was not prepared for the revolt at all, and quickly fell apart.

The President of Renisverg afraid that the same revolt would happen in his nation. Chose to go down on his own terms. Giving complete control of Renisverg to the Unified organization. The group quickly began working on a new democratic system of government and by 1935. The Democratic Republic of Henren was established. The name of the nation being a mix between Henia and Renisverg showing the peace the two groups now had.

As time went on Henren became a dominant power on the island, being one of the few being actually able to govern as they were spending money on things other than their military. So ambassadors were sent to the other kingdoms on what was known as the Henren Voyage to convince them to join and start anew. Other kingdoms asked to join themselves. And by 1960. The entire island was united under the nation of Henren. Even nations not part of the island. Like Corpazon and Suvrigo joined, and now. Henren lays as a strong, peaceful confederation where all the different groups live in relative harmony.

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