Heritage Protection Committee Creation

The General Assembly,
Considering that a nation’s heritage is its historical, cultural and natural legacy; Considering that heritage is a public good that must be protected and preserved for future generations; Considering that the creation of a heritage protection committee is essential to guarantee the conservation and appreciation of heritage, we approve the following law:

Article 1: The Heritage Protection Committee (HePC) is created by unifying the extinct Cultural Heritage Preservation Committee and Monument Assessment Committee, whose mission is to protect:
I. heritage sites of historical value and character, in accordance with each nation’s relative listing;
II. all archaeological sites of extints nations, preserving the sites in periods of war or natural disasters, also financing their restorations and studies;
III. intangible heritage,
single paragraph: The commission will decide in the future which colors or symbols can demonstrate that that heritage was listed and protected by the commission.

**Article 2:**The intangible heritage, with the so-called heritage being considered as follows:
§1. The musical heritage;
§2. The natural heritage;
§3. Literary Heritage;

Article 3: Establishes heritage day every October 30th.
Article 4: restablishes a list of monuments protect by the commission, regarding the list:
I. The list of protected monuments being maintained and updated by the said commission.

**Article 5:**The penalty for destroying:
I. listed historical heritage;
§1. 2 years in prison if the destruction is reversible;
§2. 10 to 25 years if the destruction is irreversible.
II. heritage of historical value without listing it will be 1 year in prison and payment for the restoration of said heritage.

**Article 6:**Funds for the restoration and protection of monuments could arise through three paths:
I. A Project that uses the full amount, allocated directly to the Commission.
II. A project that uses the public-private initiative, using this resource, part of the Commission’s budget and part of an investment from companies.
III. A project to adopt the private sector, which fully uses the companies’ total investment.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

Heritage Protection Committee Creation” was defeated 9,047 votes to 3,691.