Hetumoger of the Principality of Atelkouzou


Nation Name (long): The Hetumoger of the Principality of Atelkouzou
Nation Name (short): Atelkouzou / Etelköz

Motto: Boldogasszony is our mother, the old great Patron!
National Animal: Turul (mythical)
National Flower/Plant: Tulip
National Anthem: Hymnus Secundus

Capitol: Uman
Largest City: Uman

Demonym: Moger / Mogyer
Language: Dentümogyerish
Species: Elves
Population: 250,000 people (314 MY / 894 AD)

Government type: Dual Monarchist Tribal Confederation
Leader(s): Grand Prince Álmos Ügyekfi Turul
Legislature: Upper House: Group of Ten - Lower House: Council of Voivodes
Formation: 232 MY / 812 AD

Total GDP: $3600750000
GDP per capita: $14403
Currency: Florentinus

Calling Code: +36
ISO 3166 code: HU
Internet TLD: .hu

Historical Summary: The people of Atelkouzou are an Elvish community of a mysterious origin, arriving into their current lands in 833 AD (253 MY).

It is believed through legends and myths they came from far northeast but is unknown for now, however it is known the first chieftain of Atelkouzou was a figure named Edus I, who lived from 502 - 560. Edus began the first historical records of Atelkouzou which only a old chronicle is known of. Edus’ son Kadiha led the first major expeditions to the modern Atelkouzou and became allies with the earlier nations which ruled the nearby areas. But it was not only until his ancestor Ugek established the first centralised state in the region and created a diarchic government ruled by a Iula (war leader) and a Kunde (religious leader), his son Almvs would continue these reforms and launch many raids on its borders earning many treasures to fund his realm.

If you wanted to know, MY and BMY means Moger Year and Before Moger Year which indicates the arrival of the Mogers in 580 AD or the year 0.