Hockey World Cup coming to TEP

I’ve kind of taken up the charge to get this sports RP going, so in lieu of an EPHC due to Cooc going off to become a second lieutenant, why not pit yourselves against the world?

Dannistaan nearly went all the way last time and it’s likely I’ll be host again. So go on, you know you want to…

mm… hockey!

how does this work?

Yes, how does it work?

And is there some way to participate without having to sully ourselves with the horrors of jolt?

hey, jolt’s not so bad now…

well, if you ignore the time-looping thing.

and the data table that broke last week.

and their inability to release the old names so that they could work…

All the sports RPs basically work on random numbers and neuroticism of the hosts. Varying degrees of insanity are required to successfully host an event; from the low to average for something like the WCOH, to the gibbering in a padded cell of the Olympics.

Reposted cause I think y’all will like it:

Meanwhile the security planning committee was trying to calm the apoplectic Laneux police chief, who insisted that “having Bai Lung, the country full of people with a propensity to set everything on fire when angered by practically anything from government corruption to a gay pride parade to a new Japanese restaurant opening to unsatisfactory toilet cleaniness, and having them play against McPsychoville… leads me to believe you are the psychos, you crazy dickheads! You just stuck them out here so if there was a riot they wouldn’t break anything important, right?!”