Holy Empire of Letoria

Flag: see below
Nation Name (long): Holy Empire of Letoria
Nation Name (short): Letoria

Motto: Don’t be afraid of the Dark, for we are the Light
National Animal: Eagle
National Flower/Plant: Rose
National Anthem: Do you hear the People Sing?

Capitol: Imperium Seat (The name of the City)
Largest City: Athenium (in biggest Island), then Francia (battlefield of the Revolution and at the Centre of the Country), Imperial Seat (South West) and lastly Laber (Extreme East)

Demonym: Letorian/Letorians
Language: Staynish (though many use Talinx which is basically Italian though with many dialects)
Species: Humans
Population: 28,572,121

Government type: “Constitutional” Monarchy. “Constitutional” because the power SHOULD be limited by a Constitution, however it is by now been ignored and therefore the Monarch now acts as an Absolute Monarch with the Parliament and Ministers acting as advisors
Leader(s): Holy Emperor Maximilian II Caesar
Legislature: The Monarch, though he sometimes delegate the paperwork to the Parliament
Formation: 1850

Total GDP: 712 500 000 000 (Very Capitalistic)
GDP per capita: 28,500
Currency: Imperial

Calling Code: 423-
ISO 3166 code:

Internet TLD: .hel

Historical Summary: “As the sun rose on the battlefield the Leader of the Rebels stood firm with a bloody sword in his hands, the head of the King rolling on the ground as a loud cheer of triumph rose from the soldiers of his army.” This is the first sentence in every book of History inside of the Empire, formed in 1850 the Empire was, firstly, under the thumb of a different population, the name disappeared through history. These “enemies” ruled over them with an iron fist and throughout the Centuries the people of Letoria couldn’t do anything but bow their heads. Until one day, who would become the first Holy Emperor (John I Caesar) thanks to his charisma and also thanks to the corruption and decadence of their rulers managed to organize a rebellion strong enough to topple their oppressors. Now rulers, the Letorians ruled with the same cruelty of their oppressors, though they quickly killed off most of their previous ruler’s ethnicity. The Empire quickly adopted a Militaristic Approach as now, even after so many centuries, there still is a Conscription in place so that every citizen will be able to serve in the army for at least 2 years, that’s the basis for gaining the Citizenship in Letoria. Even then, the People of Letoria are relatively pacific towards their neighbors and don’t care too much for war, though they never back down from an offense and are a very patriotic population. The Empire quickly developed a strong Industry and Mining sector especially in the Colder East. Whilst the West is more used for Financial and Touristic Centres which allowed the economy to boom fairly quickly (though that doesn’t mean EVERYONE should benefit from it in the same way, now, does it?)https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20221009/a92f4f47f64930e7b2279cad453531e5.jpghttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20221009/ac65c8c710a3a3ed9aaa1ad95e6a39c6.jpg

Following a vote on 22nd October 2022, this nation claim has been APPROVED by a vote of 5-2-0. Further votes will be amended to this post as they come in.