How can I make changes in TEP?

How can I make changes in TEP?

A very important question. So you have some ideas for the region, or simply want to change something about it. Many people have actually done this before, and it doesn’t have to be in law form. Truly, the ways in which one can make changes in TEP are endless and depend on what sort of changes you’d like to implement. Below is a small guide to help you through your process.

Get to know our region
The best way to begin your quest to making changes is getting to know us as a region and getting to know how our region works. Become a citizen and familiarize yourself with the forums, where the real action takes place. TEP really has two main concentrations of activity: roleplay and government. There are some in this region who don’t care about the government and just want to roleplay. There are some who don’t really roleplay but are involved in the government. Some do both, some do neither. But again, getting to know the region and how our system works is probably the best way to make some changes. Get to know us better. We want to get to know you.

Where do I go to propose changes?
The Magisterium is the place to go if you’d like to change a law. Depending on who the Provost is, they may have a set way for citizens and non-citizens to propose changes. So, wire them a private message asking how you can present your idea, and what your idea is. Or, alternatively, you could wait to become elected as a Magister and propose the changes yourself!

So, pretty much most regional changes can be handled by our Magisterium, which is like our congress. There are certain instances where the Magisterium would not be appropriate to address proposed changes. Some instances that come to mind are wanting to change the endorsement cap. Read up on where to specifically go for your changes.

Are my proposed changes going to hurt or benefit the region?
This is a good question to ask first. You’ve looked at our region a bit and figured out how we tick. So, how do your changes fit in? Is it really a good idea, or does it need reformed?

TEP has many people in the region who will comment on any proposed changes, expressing positive and negative remarks about said changes. We’re a community, which means no one person simply creates a law and it just passes by itself. You’re going to have to work with us to get it passed. And, if it doesn’t, don’t be discouraged. Perhaps it needs some tweaking, or perhaps it’s just not meant for the region at this time.

That’s really all there is to it. We’re a community and, like any other community, you’ll be better off if you read up on our laws and rules, and get to know us better as a region. Good luck!