How does your country celebrate the Holidays?

So, how does your country celebrate the Holidays?

Havent thought about it much, Veerilion, most likly do similar to spain, portugal and/or south america.

They don’t.


Didn´t thought of it too.

I guess it would be state-sponsored celebrations in public, but with families doing their own private celebrations at home.

What holidays? Year end is the most hectic period of the year, and thus everyone must go to work. :lol:

Christmas is not celebrated really, it’s just a day to be together with the family.

Only commies celebrate Christmas… besides Christianity doesnt exist in Allegheny.

A small minority does celebrate it.

Majority does not. While they don’t, they still hand out gifts to bring in a El Farto Dayo <- lmao. “n e w y e a r”

The Winter Lights Festival (21, 22, or 23 December) around the winter solstice is the equivalent of Christmas. The Spirit of the Solar Year is said to die on this day. An honorary funeral is followed by community celebrations with halls decked in holly, evergreens, and as many lights as possible, representing the promise of rebirth with the coming of spring and the Spirit of the New_Year.

There’s plenty of cider and harder alcohol to go around as the Dovakhanese ride out the winter. The biggest celebration is in Tschmuschaboumtopolis where there is a local festival of lights to banish the winter blues and to commemorate MioMio’s unification of Dovakhan. Other major festivals, such as the ever-important Dovakhanese New_Year (21 or 22 March) are centered around the changing of the seasons.

Vulshain celebrates Christmas with a mixture of traditions and customs similar to those in the US, Russia, France, UK, and Germany. However, a unique custom is that starting on December 20, everyone wears a silver bell. The silver bell represents peace, hope, and love, as when the Five-Year War between Southern Yugoslavia and Vulshain ended in peace, the government replaced many bells with silver ones as the iron ones had been melted down to make weapons. Thus, bells commerate the peace between Vulshain and Southern Yugoslavia.

In addition, in Kitsuniva, in the Kiesasha Grand Park, lights and decorations are put up to celebrate the Garden of Christmas Lights Festival. The festival is well-loved by everyone of all ages and races.