How many players are there in NS?

How many people are playing the game? Effectively, what do you think the nation to player ratio is?

There are about 15 players like us, and the rest of the nations are all controlled by 4 or 5 people.

Either that or…

There’s 52,505 nations, and I think a good average of nations per person would be 3-4, which would give us in the region of 15,000 players.

I second Ant’s point of view.

It would be nice to have about double what we currently have. It is all a numbers game…with recruiting.

Currently the WA has over 10,800 nations, so we know at least that much, or thereabouts. I say it’s at least double the same for nations not in the WA, so at least about 21,000 at the bare minimum.

and yeah, this was posted during the irc talk (arent I creative :stuck_out_tongue: )