Huffonia, The Wonderful

I, Ivin Huffman, Overseer of the Colony of Huffonia would like to take time out from my busy schedule to tell my fellow regions a little bit about my people. We are Autorians by birth, citizens of an ancient empire that has been lost to the fateful ravages of time. Once, we were a far reaching, far seeking people. Our home home world sent out numerous colony ships, seeking for worlds to colonize. My fellow citizens and I were aboard the S.S. (Starship) Blazing Star when we learned of civil war upon our home world. We attempted to exit Star Burst in mid-stream in order to return home and give assistance to our homeland. However, exiting Star Burst is difficult at anytime, much less making an attempt to do so mid-stream. Our ship was damaged and incapable of withstanding the pull of the Star Burst Stream we were yanked violently into the Pangean Plane. We wondered through this Wasteland for untold years before finally finding a crack within the Seam through which we were capable of slipping. However, once through, we discovered that the Universe we had entered was not our own, but just one of the countless many that exist. Despair gripped us, but we Autorians are not a people who give up easily. We forged on, seeking a world that we could call our own. Our ship, on its very last leg, finally brought us to the place we now call Huffonia. We have traveled long and we are much wearied, but at last, we have found a place to call home!