Hunsha News!

Hunsha News!

After bills passing letting the Grand Duke of Hunsha gain more power protests have erupted, the protesters claiming that this is going against their freedom.

Protesters in the capital city of Talern

In cities policemen are on the streets to prepare for when violent protests break out

Policemen in the city of Shan Tun

Hunsha News!

Today, the first violent protests have erupted in Hunsha, in the cities of Talern, Protimz, Lakeville and many other cities

Protesters being hurt by police after violent protest outside the state building in Protimz

James Froget governor of Husnha’s biggest provence, Talkan, said today “We will not stop until the protesters stop”

Governer Froget (left) with Minister of Justice in Toland, the capital of Talkan

Husnha News!

Yesterday at 11:00 om the Grand Duke and his wife were found dead in their bedroom. Evidence has shown it was Gerald Harding, part of the rebel group known as Talkla, an organization who’s goal is to get rid of the monarchy in Hunsha, Gerald was arrested boarding a ship heading to South Hills.

Pistol used to kill the Grand Duke and Duchess

The three children of the Duke were last seen at 5 am, being escorted by security.


H.D.S Husnha sank to rebels controlling another battleship, 235 servicemen and women died, only 25 were able to escape.

H.D.S Husnha sinking

In the city of Tankana, a rebel controlled town of 50,000 was inaded by the Husnha military. The Hunshan military lost, but both sides lost many lives.

Husnhan 6th army at the start of the battle in Tankana

In the end at the battle of Tankana the rebels lost 3,000 lives and the Hunshan Army lost 5,00 lives


The capitol building in Talern has been set ablaze by rebels, firefighters were unable to get there in time.

Police arriving at the fire


After a bloody civil war the people have gained power in Hunsha! A Democratic Socialist government has been established, in the North people are happy but in the south people are revolting.


Due to the rebels winning the civil war, the capital has been moved to Forant, one of Hunsha’s biggest producers of cars. And the government has decided to make the state building in Forant bigger.

Construction workers building the new capitol building

But in the south things are going terrible, the south has a long history with supporting the Grand Duke. The Grand Duke’s brother, Arnold, has stated that he is true Grand Duke of Hunsha. He has moved with his, wife, 2 children, and the former Grand Duke’s children to the biggest city of Southern Hunsha, Taklorn. And today Arnold has said that southern Hunsha is separating from Southern Hunsha, Nothern troops are being sent to take back Southern Hunsha


After a few days Southern Hunsha has been re-taken. The Grand Duke’s brother and his family have been deported, never will be allowed to enter Hunsha again. Now with peace in Hunsha the government will be focusing on what to do with the government’s money. At the congress building in Forant, the congressmen and women have been deciding. Some say to focus on a green water navy. Other’s say health care and much more. We will see what will happen over the next few weeks


The official map of Hunsha has been made by the Hunsha Cartographer’s Guild!

Here you can see each of the provinces with their capitals

(Note: The occupied territory of the BGP is not shown)

In other news the building of the first new battleship made by the new government (or the fifth Hunsha Republic if you want to call it that) has been made! The name is H.B.S(Hunsha BattleShip) Victory.

H.B.S. taking it’s first cruise around Forant


Today in South New Germany a uranium mine is being set up, by the company Ur-anium

The mine being dug out

The uranium was first found 10 years ago, but at the time the were laws prohibiting uranium mines. But after the civil war the laws were loosen up. Allowing uranium mines to exist but with very high health and safety standards

The CEO of Ur-anium said “We are glad we will be able to open this mine, it will help the economy greatly” Though in New Bavaria, protesters had sighs up saying “Stop the mines, it’ll hurt the people” though no one really payed attention.


Due to massive riots and the risk of being occupied by Greenville a battleship and 7 divisions of the Hunsha Foreign Legion has been sent to Kohlandia to take care of the rioters and defend any Kohlandians from Greenville. Also the ESF,Germany and Koreska have sent troops. But Hunsha have sent the most technologically advanced weapons to Kohalandia.

Troops landing in Kohland


Today was Hunsha’s annual military parade, all generals have participated walking through the streets of Forant!

(From left to right) Hunshan General John Mikal leader of the Hunshan 1st army, General Adolf Farlan leader of the Hunshan 10th army, and General Hans Lederman leader of the Hunshan 3rd army.

In other news workers have been at strike in Tilow, hunsha’s most industrious city. Asking for better pay. The Hunshan congress and the president have been discussing how much more money should they give.

The strikers

A new year means new infrastructure! The old worn down Hunshan Railroad System shall be reparied! “It’s very important to united Hunsha through transportantion.” says Hunshan Minister of Transportation. Also, many of the coal power plants will be destroyed and will be re-built with clean energy plants. Due to a unanimus decision by Hunshan People’s Parliament that Hunsha will be forusing more on clean energy.