I decree a challenge!

Write about the life of a medieval monarch of your country,and include the sentence “In all (his/her) glorious beauty…she exploded.” Be creative with this,and HAVE FUN!!!

In all her glorious beauty the sevants were stunned and one young girl sat in the room and she exploded

Ahhhh…the life of a monarch. Nothing to do but host the knights games and all the lovely maidens dancing and laughing…makes me recall a time when I was a young lad and life wasn’t so easy. I fell in love with a beautiful serving wench named Fiona. Her laugh was like soft wind chimes and her eyes were pools of Caribbean ocean. We had many playful day and then came the night we were consummate our affection for each other. As I lie on her bed she appeared in the doorway. A vision of angels…all that I had dreamed of was about to come true. As she approached, slinking toward me like a lioness approaching her prey. As she bent over in all her glorious beauty …she exploded with a horrendous flatulence. Ahhh…whats a little gas between lovers.