Ibernia Claim

(Aerlion is the red dot) (Caister is the blue dot)

Nation Name (long): The Republic of Ibernia
Nation Name (short):Ibernia

Motto: N/A
National Animal:Eagle
National Flower/Plant:Middlemist’s Red camellia
National Anthem:The Royal Blue Sky

Capitol: Aerlion 1.5 Million
Largest City: Aerlion 1.5 Million

Demonym: Ibernian
Language: Staynish
Species: Humans
Population: 20 Million

Government type: Republic
Leader(s): Prime Minister Alex
Legislature: Ibernian Great Hall
Formation: 1800

Total GDP: 1.00 Trillion
GDP per capita: 50,000
Currency: Ibernia Libra

Calling Code: 3-digit code.
ISO 3166 code: .ibu & .ibe
Internet TLD: .ib

Historical Summary: Ibernia has been historically ruled by native Aurorans of the area, it wasn’t until the later half of the 1st millennium that the coast of modern day Iberia would start to see small settlements and small cities pop up.
These settlements and cities would interact with each other with simple trades, diplomacy and politics, however no major Alliances or Unions would form.

In the beginning of the 2nd millennium, some of the cities that were located near each other would start to bundle up into states and kingdoms, as feudalism would start to take its reigns in the area, A king would be in charge of the entire kingdom, while he had lords work under him managing cities and provinces in the kingdom.

By the middle of the 2nd millennium Cities, Provinces and Kingdoms started to spread westward away from the coast, causing for competition throughought the area.

The largest kingdoms were (Caister) who resided in the north eastern coast, (Aerilon) who were in the center of the coast and (Acrine) who existed in the midlands closer to the central geographic location of the modern Ibernia country.

The main kingdoms usually prioritized making alliances with smaller kingdoms and towns to gain a economic, polically and military advantage over their rivals. During the middle part of the 2nd millennium, Acrine had managed to become the biggest kingdom, and started to take over lands controlled or influenced by Aerilon and Caister.

However, as the world around them began to improve and expand, many questions throughout the land started to arise if a possible union or merger of the kingdoms could be possible to protect the lands from foreignerers or other Auroran nations.

So in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, an idea of a union between the 3 major kingdoms and varies smaller ones was starting to circulate, and premature versions of Ibernia began to form.

However it wasnt until the later 18th century that the basis of such a union would finally be in a more mature and complete state, with over the years of writing, discussing the kingdoms of the area began to agree to certain ideas on how a union would form. Although some smaller kingdoms particually in the southern part of the area were more adamant to a union, and would require more persuasion to join.

Finally in December, 1795, most kingdoms agreed to a official union under one name and one government.

In July of 1798 the last holdout kingdoms finally agreed to join, with ratification of the agreement being signed in November of 1798, The Republic of Ibernia was formed. Although figuring out how to govern the region, what the structure would look like would delay the Constitution.

The Official Constitution was signed on April 26, 1800 by representatives of the new nation.

The Ibernian Football Association Cup was founded in 1895

The Ibernian Football League and Ibernian Rugby Championship were founded in 1898 and 1899.
The Ibernian Basketball and Hockey Leagues were founded in 1932. The Ibernian Football League Cup was founded in 1954.
Various Motorsport competitions have been founded throughout the years aswell.

Ibernias most popular sports are Football, Rugby and Basketball, with Hockey and Motorsports being placed after.

Ibernia has adapted a huge sporting culture particurally in the 19th and 20th centuries which continues onto this day.

Following a vote on 26th October 2023, your claim has been accepted by 7-0. Welcome to Aurora and Urth RP!