Individual Working Freedoms

The World Assembly,

Strongly reaffirming its commitment to individual liberty,

Believing that individuals should be as free as possible from undue government interference in making decisions governing their personal lives,

Convinced that the issues of when, how often, and for how long an individual works should remain an issue for private negotiation between employer and employee,

Dissenting from the view that one standard working week can be determined as a universal diktat, given the diversity of national economies, the particulars of industries working on cyclical, seasonal or other irregular working patterns, and the varying conditions, demographic, environmental, developmental, and otherwise, of member nations,

Considering any attempt to impose a universal manacle of working time restriction to be a grossly unfair abrogation of individual freedoms,

Desirous of reaching a fair compromise on the issue:

  1. Encourages all nations to grant their people the greatest possible degree of freedom in determining their terms of employment, with specific regard to working time;

  2. Calls upon all nations to respect the rights of individuals to be free to make choices about their terms of employment, and equally of individuals to seek representation or counsel during such negotiations;

  3. Mandates the removal of working time regulations that serve only to reduce individual liberty and that do not serve any other purpose;

  4. Reserves the right of all nations to choose whether to set specific regulations on workweeks and working time in the general public interest;

  5. Promotes a healthy harmony of national and individual rights in economic decision-making.