Injunct Philippines

The World Assembly,

Comprehending the council’s vital place in limiting the senseless, corrupting invasion of others, protecting and freeing its regions from the yoke of those blinded by the possibilities of ruling some of NationStates’ most storied regions,

Ingeminating the tales of the region of Philippines in the days of old, a proud history tattered by various invasions and attempted colonizations of the region which has nevertheless persevered,

Understanding that the community united under Puan puri naduk in a bid to consolidate its home under safer tides, buying its culturally diverse peoples precious time to rebuild without the shadow of night looming over them,

Appreciating the region’s blossoming since then, becoming a member of prestigious organizations such as the Partnership for Sovereignty and the United Regions Alliance under the direction of The United Empire of Ecnav Enitsuj, which has shielded the region from foreign invasion in recent years,

Joyful in recollection of Philippines many endeavors and successes as a region, maintaining its own internal government and working abroad to assist defender coalitions in the protection of many regions just like it, who have not had the fortune nor circumstance of Philippines in developing their own communities via the Philippine Defense Force, a valiant army of nations determined to see other regions withstand countless invasions like Philippines has,

Saddened that Philippines has fallen under renewed attack, its longevity and existence threatened by new tactics that allow its many islands to be subjugated by invading forces in a manner that can quickly overcome its long-preserved defenses, natural or constructed by fearless, dedicated contributors who have protected the region since its dawn,

Certain that an Injunction is necessary to protect this historic region, which, while at present in disrepair and dilapidation, has flourished in the past and deserves to carve its own path into the future, for its community that has cherished it for so long, and for regions across the world that stray into sleep before awakening once more,

Hereby injuncts Philippines.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Injunct Philippines was passed 10,617 votes to 2,388.