Intersystem Space Stations Programme

The General Assembly,
Recognizing the great changes that are arriving with the creation of IASA (GA #451);
Believing that the many species of member nations in the WA must have more than a single a unified base in this vast ‘final frontier’,
Seeking to create many such bases for their space programmes, and the united IASA programmes,
Hence forth,

  1. The World Assembly initiates the Interregional Space Station Project, thrusting the following rules and regulations for WA Member Nations, as well as defining it’s purpose:

  2. Decides this project will be conducted under the jurisdiction of the International Aero Space Administration,

  3. Establishes, that member nations must fund the project in accordance with the monetary necessities of the construction and planning,

  4. Further Establishes that member nations will all have access to a station within a fathomable and reachable distance of their home world with the number of stations in accordance with such,

  5. Encourages member nations to send scientists and engineers to work on the establishment of the stations,

  6. Declares the function of the stations to be helping the peoples of the WA in their endeavors in space, by creating a station for research and cooperation between nations in space,

  7. Understands that all member states of the World Assembly have permission to use the station to conduct scientific research in a zero-gravity environment,

  8. Mandates that member states will be allowed to use the station for their various endeavors in the final frontier (eg. A place to refuel a spacecraft),

  9. Appreciates the value this could have for the international community,

Establishes the above, commissioning the construction of the Intersystem Space Stations.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Intersystem Space Stations Programme” was defeated 7,991 votes to 7,653.