Ironing out the wrinkles

OOC: This RP will only be open to whoever I PM and the RP mods if they want to nerf something.

The following high-priority message was sent to all AA members:


To: All heads of state of nations in the Atlantian Alliance
From: James Stevenson
1 Main Street, Tretridia, 10000


I seriously believe in all that the Atlantian Alliance stands for, but there are some major obstacles to managing such an audacious endeavor. The governance of the Alliance has not been settled at all and figuring all of these gray areas is vital for the Alliance’s survival.

I propose that we meet at a location so we may be able to write a treaty that defines the AA, how it is run, its foreign affairs policies, as well as much more. The location of the meeting, as well as the time thereof, are to be determined.

I highly expect all of you to respond promptly.

James Stevenson
Prime Minister
The Second Republic of Tretrid