[Judicial Review] On the limitations of the Provost's Discretionary Edit Powers

Request for Judicial Review
LAW IN QUESTION The Concordat of The East Pacific
LEGAL QUESTIONS OR CHALLENGES 1. Pursuant to Section B.11 of the Concordat, does the Provost have the prerogative to conduct preemptive discretionary edits to proposed legislation with the intent of such an edit immediately taking effect on passage?
2. Section B.11 defines formatting-related error edits as “being in relation to the rest of the legislation’s format”. Is this defined as the formatting as laid out by the proposal itself or in relation to maintaining consistency with other legislation?
3. Pursuant to Section B.11, does the Provost have the prerogative to use the discretionary edits powers to update the formatting of legislation in its entirety to a new layout of their own choosing given that there is not a standardized layout legislated? (ie. Is this within the bounds of a formatting error)
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For the Viceroy’s reference,

Question 1 refers to the recently passed Regional Services and Security Act & the currently pending Conclave Act

Question 3 refers to the Regional Services and Security Act, Delegate Elections Act and other similarly updated legislation due to the OOC forum migration and onward.