[JUDICIAL REVIEW] Request: Delegate Elections - Candidate Eligibility

Request for Judicial Review
LAW IN QUESTION Concordat, Article C, Section 2 Delegate Elections Act, Section II & III Citizenship Act, Section VII
LEGAL QUESTIONS OR CHALLENGES 1. Do the constraints regarding having valid Citizenship before the start of an election period apply to just voting or also to nominations?
2. When during an election period, does a Nominee attain the status of Candidate? Is it immediately after meeting the relevant requirements (Citizenship & Accepted Nomination) or after the end of the Nomination Period with relevant requirements satisfied?
3. Does a Resident holding the status of Nominee, attain the status of Candidate if their Citizenship is granted after the start of the election period?
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The Conclave has ACCEPTED this Review.

Public thread will be coming in a few days.

EDIT: it is here: [JUDICIAL REVIEW] Public Thread: Delegate Elections - Candidate Eligibility