[JUDICIAL REVIEW] Request: On the legality of the Vice Delegate

(Hey, someone’s gotta do it.)

Request for Judicial Opinion
LAW/PRACTICE IN QUESTION The Concordat, The Executive Act, The Delegate Elections Act
LEGAL QUESTIONS OR CHALLENGES 1) Can a Delegate appoint a Vice Delegate that inherits executive authority in case they disappear? (Relevant clauses: Concordat Article A, Section 6, Executive Act Section 1.2 to 1.5)
2) What executive abilities can a hypothetical Vice Delegate inherit in the event that a Delegate leaves, assuming the role of a Vice Delegate is similar to question 1? (Relevant clauses: Concordat Article D, Section 6)
3) Assume that a Nominee has expressed intent to appoint an individual to become a Vice Delegate. The Nominee has stated that for all intents and purposes, the individual also represents the views of the Nominee. Can this individual answer questions on behalf of the Nominee? (Relevant Article: Delegate Elections Act, Section V.3)
4) Should a Nominee be able to create a political party (defined for this Review as an organization created with the intent of influencing TEP government, whose members are purely residents of this region), does the campaigning of that party fall under Election Impropriety?
REVIEW ADVANCED BY- (indicate with "X ") Halleyscomet08
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I’d like to elaborate a bit on why I wanted to propose this review.

The Concordat as written has stated that “only the Vizier may inherit the Full Delegacy”. What, then, is the “Full Delegacy”?

Let’s set up a thought experiment. Assume Delegate A appoints a Vice Delegate, B. Delegate A then delegates the entirety of Foreign, Regional, and Military Affairs to Vice Delegate B, then announces that they will take a break, but will retain the WA Delegate seat, alongside the vote (in essence, they retain WAA affairs).

Is this like… allowed? What exactly is the “Full Delegacy”? How much power can you give the Vice Delegate before it goes too far?

Public thread will be coming in a few days. The Conclave has not made a determination to accept or deny this Review yet.

edit: thread here: [JUDICIAL REVIEW] Public Thread: On the legality of the Vice Delegate