July 2010 Update

Mid-July 2010

Following a post-election activity surge, the region has slowed down considerably. With several players on holiday, and other RL issues popping up, it’s been rather quiet in Lazarus.

We did manage to revise our Mandate (Constitution). Discussions have been on-going as to whether to make further changes, primarily to split the duties of the Activity Commissioner, formerly the Coryphaeus, in half, as they are currently expected to maintain activity within the region and on the forum, recruit, and generate all regional publications.

In the interim, our Interior Commissioner, formerly the Draugr, appointed a Deputy tasked with recruitment for the Activity Commissioner. Athanasius was the nation given this new assignment. Alas, a few days after the appointment was made, Athanasius announced on the forums of Europeia that he was quitting NS.

In Foreign Affairs, headed by the Exterior Commissioner, formerly the Gatekeeper, we have opened or exchanged embassies with Global Right Alliance, Kingdom of Ireland, The Dominion, and Region, Inc. We have also reopened our embassy with the Founderless Regions Alliance after a several year lapse in relations.

In Real Life news, Congratulations to our Delegate, Viktoria Gryfynn, who got engaged! We wish her and her intended a life time of happiness together.

Also, the first weekend in August will see a mini-Lazarus meet-up as Viktoria Gryfynn, Plots, and FreeSatania are planning to get together in the Stuttgart area. Exact date and time were still to be determined.

And that’s what’s happening in the Land of Restored Nations.