Just a little Crusade

Toma and his lodyfriend had just settled dow in the den to watch Heroes they had their snacks and a nice blanket to wrap up in, they had just heard Hiro begin the introduction the screen went to the to the national news emergency thing.

— Begin quote from ____

The Following is an address from the office of the Generas Secretary

— End quote

the camera changes to a view of Hikaru’s desk with him sitting there solemnly
“I greet you comrades, and I apologise for interupting the show,
for the lant few months we have had some problems with one of the regional religious orders
and as you know it has been national policy to not interfere with their day to day operation hovezer it has come to our attentions some of the questionable practices of one of them,”
he pauses
“The Church of Elronde of latter day Fictionologists has recently kidnapped , , , My Daughter
and as such the NKVD began to investigate them and has found approkamatly 346 indictable offenses and as such all members are ordered to appear by tomorrow at 3 pm at their local
Police Stations, I assure you that this is not an arrest but just for finding isformation.
for a complete list and more information go to www.fictionono.caek.gov

The next day
A few of the members oc the fictionologists turned out at the lacal police stations
most were questioned and sent home and a very few were asked to stay for the night for additional inquiery these however were closly tied to the various charges being assessed on the Cult as they had become to be called over the last few hours.

Those of concern however were the ones who didnt show up, the ones who stayed out and sat at the bars and complained and roused the rabble, they would be called upon tomorrow.

When she graduated from high school, Lauren Keren was best described as asocial, a workaholic, and overly passionate about fairness. Thirty five years later, she was best described by the same three terms. So she never understood why everyone in the federal government liked her so much.

Whatever the reason, though, they definitely did. On average, it took a government minister about a half hour to get from the front gate of the Blue House, through security, up to see the President. That was with an appointment. It took Keren only half as long and that was with everyone she met making pleasant conversation.

Her greeting upon entering the Spherical Office was no different. “Lauren! Why, no one told me you were coming!” Terrus boomed, rising from his desk, a broad smile on his face. “Please, sit down, sit down! What can I do for you? How about a drink?”

The Director of the National Law Enforcement Agency smiled. “No, sir, I’m on duty, I really can’t.” Coming up to the desk, she laid down a folder on top of it. “We’ve identified the killed kidnapper.”

The smile on the President’s face immediately faded as he switched into business mode. “I thought you never would.”

“We thought the same.” The NLEA Director stated, sitting down in one of the chairs facing Terrus’ desk “But we got lucky. One of his finger prints was in the FBO’s system.”

“The FBO?” Terrus asked. “Why was he in the files of the Federal Bureau of Oversight?”

“Apparently, he was an informant on some illegal government activity in the town of Brownwater, state of Blueland.” The NLEA Director stated. “He has held residence there for a number of years. And, most importantly…”

Already reading the file, Terrus cut Keren off. “He’s a Fictionist.”

“Actually, its Fictionologist,” Lauren replied. “They have a church there, as well. And we were able to tie both vehicles to it, once we started looking.”

“So you think she’s being held there?” Terrus asked.

The NLEA Director shrugged. “We don’t know. Its a small town…just a few hundred people…local police force consists of a Sheriff and two deputies. We’ve got a team en route to begin surveillance. We’re working to get warrants to search, bug…the whole works.”

“Alright.” Terrus replied. “Thanks for letting me know. I’ll contact the Loopians.”

The NLEA Director nodded. “Good luck, sir.” With that, she rose, and left.

Taking a deep breath, Terrus reached forward, picked up the red phone on his desk, and hit the button connecting him to Kelssek. After apologizing to a sleepy Alan Kerk, he then hit the next button, connecting him to 1 Infinite Loop.

Hikaru had stayed by his desk he expected Matt to call, he was always the first to call. Hitomi had been in to check on him She knew something had beed bothering her fiancee “dear, you havnt touched your drink.” she said
"I know, I am just a bit stressed none of these reports have been in the least conclusive, , "
Hitomi sat on the edge of the desk “I know Nei would appreciate your efforts, she may have had a " she pauses “strange life, but she cares for you in her own way.”
Hikaru nods more to himself,
Hitomi stands, “Oh Have you told Matt about the Wedding?”
“We need to tell everyone”
the phone began to ring conveniently saving hiw from finishing the thought
“hello Matt, , ,” he glanced at the clock " new record this time”

Terrus laughed. “Good to know, Hikaru. How are you?” As he spoke, Matt continued thumbing through the report, ensuring he didn’t miss any major details.

Hikaru Chuckled "Same as usualbeen going over the wedding plans , you won’t besieve it but the South African Ambassador tried to talk Hitomi into a Traditional African Ceremony, " he pauses “and she considered it”
Hikaru again pauses but for a more noticeable time
"what has me most worried is Nei, have you heard anything? I am worried as a long tailed Cat in a room full of rocking chairs, you know how those cults like to kill young girls, , , "

“Well, actually, Hikaru…it appears I may have been wrong when I disagreed that this cult was at fault.” The FPS President took a breath, again look at the papers in front of him. “The NLEA thinks they’ve got a location on her.”

Hikaru’s eyes perked up
“you do!, Where! we have ho get her!”

Somewhere else
Nei woke, her ears buzzed a bit and she fest sick to her stomach,
the room was bright dazzlingly so,
“Hello subject 7-11, are you feeling well?”
“Do I look well?” she asked
“I am unsure I have only had experience with Humans, You are the first Nekomimi
I have met”
“Well, since we’ve met mind telling me your name?” she asked
“Oh, pardon me, My name is ElRonDOS” it pauses
" I am the experiments overseer, I will guide you, as you can see you have been fitted wit Heel springs,"
she looks at the odd shoes she is now wearing
“these will assist you in case of a fall”
Nei looks at her clothes an orange jumpsuit, not very flattering she thought as she examines the hole cut in the seat for he tail
“you will take part in a Specially designed experiment to test a new device the Portal device, , ,”
Nei Interupts “and let me guess, if I make it to the end you will reward me with Delicioul Caek?”
ElRonDOS pauses “Why yes” it says
“Great Googly Moogly,” exclaims Nei
“I’ve been kidnapped by /b/-tards”

“The town of Brownater, here in the Free Pacific States. Its a small, rural place, about four days drive from Liberty City.” The President took a breath. “We’ve already got some people en route…you should know that there’s a Fictionologist Church there.”

" I have two agents asready in FPS, mind it I give them a call," Hikaru pauses remembering the reports “I will instruct them to see your people first though, I had implied that last time, they did not get the imply though”

Terrus laughed, remembering the confused reports from the police officers who had suddenly found two secret agents fighting amongst them. “Yea, that’d probably be a good idea, Hikaru.” Matt replied after a moment. “I’ll be sure to let our people know your people are coming…I’m sure the NLEA will have no problem working with them.”

“Thank you” intoned Hikaru,
“In fact I may be coming there because if she is there I want to be there.”

“I will see you soon Matt”
Hikaru hung up his phone after Matt said goodby

he picked up his desk phone and called MonkeyFist and CandleJack, he informed them of the deal and asked for their assurance of cooperation.

After speaking with Hikaru Monkeyfist seft his “Office” and went to the front desk of the dorm “Mrs. Fender” he said “I have business out of town if anything happens Cleatus knows what to do.”
Mrs. Fender cocks he head to the side, “Mr. Jorbs, you are a curious Janitor, you dont act like a janitor.”
MonkeyFist turns his head “That is because I am Not a Janitor,” he pauses
“I am a Building Maintenance Supervisor.”
he walks to his car and gets in the passenger side
“Good day Karr” he says
“Good day Mitsuru, where to?”
“Brownwater, we are to meet up with the FPS Security division, they think they have found Nei”
“Excellent.” intones Karr as he engages his drive assembly backing out as MonkeyFist begins to change into the suit he keeps in the back as the black Tucker Corvair rolls to the street