kAE Systems PLC

kAE SystemsPLC

Basic Information

Traded As: KGB: KA.
TTNB 200 Component
Type: Public limited company
Industry: Aerospace, Arms industry, Information security, Shipyard
HQ: Luthernburg
Number Of Locations 42
Area Served: Worldwide
Products : Civil and military aerospace, Defence electronics, Civil and military Naval vessels, Munitions, Land warfare systems
Services: Maintenance, consultancy, training etc.
Revenue : 64.2 Billion SHD
Total Assets: 111.6 Billion SHD
Subsidiaries: [ul]
[li]kAE Systems Inc.
[li]kAE Systems Latianburg
[li]kAE Systems Applied Intelligence
[li]kAE Systems Land & Armaments
[li]kAS Aerospace
[li]kAS Land & Armaments
[li]kAS Shipyard
[li]kAE-Oan Shipyard
[li]kAE Furnifold Flight Works
[li]kAE Major General Industries
[li]kAE Unmasked Technologies[/li][/ul]

kAE Systems plc is a Kuthern multinational defence, security, and aerospace company. Its headquarters are in Luthernburg in the Kingdom Of Kuthernburg and it has operations worldwide. Its largest operations are in KOK and Kasmiyland, where its kAE Systems Inc. subsidiary is one of the six largest suppliers to the KOK Department of Defense. Other major markets include Latianburg, Stratarin and Yor. kAE Systems is the successor to various aircraft, shipbuilding, armoured vehicle, armaments and defence electronics companies. kAE Systems is involved in several major defence projects, including the F-36B, the Hurricane, the Alutian-Class Submarines and the Sertobia Class aircraft carriers. kAE Systems is listed on the Kuthern Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the TTNB 200 Component.

Military Equipment For Sale


SA-25MK ‘Leapfrog’

[li] Variants: SA-25MK, SA-25T, SA-25PU
[li] Unit Cost: 11.3 Million SHD
[li] Role: Close Air Support[/li][/ul]

GR-26 ‘Lighting’


[li] Role: Interceptor
[li] Unit Cost: 15.1 Million SHD[/li][/ul]



[li] Role: Ground-attack aircraft and close air support gunship
[li] Unit Cost: AC-135H: 132.4 million SHD/AC-135U: 253 Million SHD
[li] Variants: AC-135UK, AC-135H, AC-135U[/li][/ul][/spoiler]


[li] Role: Strategic stealth bomber
[li] Unit Cost:737.5 Million SHD[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

kAS AH-94


[li] Role: Attack Helicopter
[li] Unit Cost: 32 Million SHD[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

[li] Role: Electronic warfare (EW), Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD), offensive counter-information
[li] Unit Cost: EC-135H: 165 million SHD/ EC-135J: 110 million SHD/ EC-135SJ: 85 Million SHD
[li] Variants: EC-135H, EC-135J, EC-135SJ[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

kAS 98 C/D
[li] Role: multirole fighter aircraft
[li] Unit Cost: 32 Million SHD[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

kAS 98 E/F

[li] Role: Multirole Stealth Fighter
[li] Unit Cost: 132 Million SHD[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

F-19 Advanced Eagle

[li] Role: Multirole Naval Stealth Fighter
[li] Unit Cost: 70.5 Million SHD[/li][/ul][/spoiler]


[li] Role: Utility Helicopter
[li] Unit Cost: 26.2 Million SHD[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

[li] Role: Maritime patrol aircraft
[li] Unit Cost: 36.2 Million SHD
[li] Variants: kAS KP-10M, kAE KP-10M[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

[li] Role: Military transport aircraft
[li] Unit Cost: 8.3 Million SHD[/li][/ul][/spoiler]


[li] Role: Attack Helicopter
[li] Unit Cost: 31 Million SHD[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

Kaab SH-62

[li] Role: Stealth Medium-lift utility helicopter
[li] Unit Cost: 820 Million SHD[/li][/ul][/spoiler]


[li] Role: Tanker (aircraft) / Transport, Overwatch / Ground support
[li] Unit Cost: 37 million SHd (KC-135Y) 71.07 Million SHD (KC-130J)[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

kAS UH-72
[li] Role: Medium utility military helicopter
[li] Unit Cost: 16.3 Million SHD[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

kAS 90

[li] Role: SAR/utility helicopter
[li] Unit Cost: 28 Million SHD[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

kAS T-12

[li] Role: Personal Carrier Aircraft
[li] Unit Cost: 31.2 Million SHD[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

kAS PB-12

[li] Role: Patrol
[li] Unit Cost: 6.2 Million SHD[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

kAE KH-12

[li] Role: Anti-submarine warfare, medium-lift transport and utility helicopter
[li] Unit Acosta: 28 Million SHD [/li][/ul][/spoiler]

Nacatan Delight

[li] Role: Out of the atmosphere Anti-ballistic missile missile series
[li] Unit Cost: 142.7 Million & 11 Million Per Missile[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

Goliath Slingshot

[li] Role: Medium to Long Range ABM/SAM
[li] Unit Cost: 76.2 Million & 32 Million Per Missile[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

Imperium 7 (Some Unclassified Information)

[li] Role: Ballistic Missiles
[li] Unit Cost: 867 Million SHD & 87 Million Per Missile[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

KHADD (kAE High Altitude Defense)

[li] Role: Anti-Ballistic Missiles System
[li] Unit Cost 132 Million SHD & 14 Million Per Missile[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

(Some spoilers Have no picture you can Pm me for a picture of Aircraft)