Kelamí League

Nation Name (long): The People of the Peaceful Friendship (Wëlànkuntëwakà’ká’)
Nation Name (short): Kelamí League
Motto: Love and Friendship(Aholtëwakàn òk witisëwakàn)
National Animal: Novaran Porcupine
National Flower/Plant: Rotantic Poppy
National Anthem: She Breaks the Kettle (Tekanatsyaslitha)

Capitol: Lèxawèkink
Largest City: Lèxawèkink

Demonym: Mèxelkik, Kela’mué
Language: E’lixsienk, Cryrian, Various Novaran Languages
Species: Cervine (98%), Various Other (2%)
Population: 23,000,825

Government type: Confederacy
Leader(s): Nikanixit (Spokesperson that relinquishes name upon appointment, similar to Mexregionian system), Matriarchal Council (Sùkwis Achimulsin)

Legislature: The Grand Council of the People (Mëxumachimulsinu
Formation:  1344 Treaty of National Friendship

Total GDP: 1,288,888,000,000
GDP per capita: 56,036

Calling Code: 546
ISO 3166 code: WKW, KL
Internet TLD: .wkw

Historical Summary:

The People of the Peaceful Friendship (E’lixsienk: Wëlànkuntëwakà’ká) commonly known as the Kelamí League, is a confederacy of nations located in Northwest Novaris. The six constituent nations of the League are highly autonomous, though they answer to a central government known as the Grand Council of the People (Achimulsëwakàn) on matters of foreign policy, international economics, and defense. The nation shares borders with Endertopias and Acara Shura to the south and Tynam to the north, as well as Älemsi Negdel via maritime territory. The League covers a mountainous and cold territory close to the Rotantic Circle, and derives much of its prosperity from the soft drink and data hosting industries, owing to carbonated hot springs and cold temperatures being conducive to supporting those enterprises.

The League was formed from six nationstates: Shahëwèkwe (The People of the Crawfish), Sànàksëkwèkwe (The People of the Black Arrowhead), Answikànwèkwe (The People of the Fishing Net), Thàpèkunkwèkwe (The People of the Wellspring), Pahsaèkatëmatwèkwe (The People of the Guarded Valley), and Kèxaptunwèkwe (The People of Few Words.) These nations of Cervine tribes and people had existed in the isolation of the Novaran tundra for centuries, but the slow colonization and settlement of the southern lands prompted them to band together for mutual defense and solidarity. Each spoke a language descended from a common origin, and the confederacy still maintains a diverse linguistic heritage today. The national language “E’lixsienk” is not a single dialect but a group of over ten related languages. The Treaty of National Friendship, signed in 1344, brought the six states under the banner of the the name Wëlànkuntëwakà’ká, meaning the People of the Peaceful Friendship. This confederated nation developed its own identity and values separate from the more industrial southern Novaris nations during the 1st Millenium, their territory too inhospitable for settlement and the peoples too adamant of their independence to be worth bothering. Taking no sides in any conflicts, the League is staunchly neutral to the point of stubbornness, though its citizens are active and vocal participants of the international community via interconnectivity, television, and travel.

Credited with being the oldest and largest of the contemporary Cervine nations, the League is a modern example of Cervine culture. The confederated nations are highly family-based with constituent tribes and clans led by elder matriarchs. The League as a whole is highly environmentally conscious and does not permit excessive extraction of resources or development of real estate, preferring small scattered communities of limited size and nondestructive industry. While somewhat isolationist, the League trades with a good number of countries and is a common source for spices, herbal remedies, and traditional medicines. The lumber and agriculture industries, as well as food and beverages, are major League exports. Its national traditions commonly cite it as the birthplace of rootbeer and other carbonated beverages.

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