Kingdom Alternia claim

Flag: Your National Flag
Nation Name (long): the constitutional monarchy of kingdom of Alternian
Nation Name (short): Kingdom Alternian

Motto: Progress Through control .
National Animal: Eagle .
National Flower/Plant: Rose.
National Anthem: patriot song .

Capitol: pevania .
Largest City: Almer

Demonym: Alternians
Language: (Staynish).
Species: Melithasa
Population: 50 million

Government type: Monarchy
Leader(s): King
Legislature: Parliament
Formation: 1880

Total GDP: 438 billion capitalism .)
GDP per capita 1.09:
Currency: dollar

Calling Code: 580
ISO 3166 code: is a standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that defines codes for the names of countries.KAT582
Internet TDL .Atl

Historical Summary: We are a country formed from the remnants of a Destroyed country where all its past documents are still in recovery from our archaeologists from what we discovered it was a Republic government.