Kingdom of Sordland


Nation Name (long): Kingdom of Sordland (Kongriat Sordland)
Nation Name (short): Sordland/Sordia

Motto: A Morgna wel core, Vectern sis na! (The morning will come, victory is near)
National Animal: Novarian gold lion (Felis Leonus)
National Flower/Plant: Purple cherry blossom (Cerasus Sordus)
National Anthem: Fre Morgna tid Dage (From Morning till Dawn)

Capitol: Holsord
Largest City: Lachaven
Demonym: Sordlander
Language: Sordish, Tredish, Bludish, Lorren
Religion: Norism, Thaerism, Ulvriktru, Yollakan
Species: Human, Elven, Dwarf
Population: 82 millions

Government type: Unitary Devolved Constitutional Monarchy
Leader(s): Egbert IV (Great King), Anton Rayne (Presidium Minister)
Legislature: Stergaderen
Formation: 1168 (Jarldom), 1789 (Kingdom)

Total GDP: $984 billions
GDP per capita: $12,000
Currency: Ren

Calling Code: +77
ISO Country Code: SR/SRD
Internet TLD: .sr

Historical Summary: One of the Ulvrikian Nation established by Jarl Sigberd the Tough following their migration from Concord to the coast of Novaris. These Ulvrikian tribes settled north into the Valley of Hol, one of the breadbasket of Novaris, and established political power on the current city of Jen called Jarldom of Sordia on 1168. Soon the Jarldom of Sordia, based on the river Sord who cross the middle of the lowland, expand their territory on each direction, acquired most of the eastern lands of Norgis which is inhabited by their Ulvrikian brothers, Norgs; some parts of the southeastern coast inhabited by another Ulvrikian brothers, Treds; the Bludian Plateau of Bergia, inhabited by local indigenous dwarf ethnic, Bluds; also incorporating and conquering most of the lowlands bordering Tibur River, inhabited by Norvian-speaking people, Lorren. The unification of the entire kingdom finished on 1789 by Jarl Egmund, proclaim himself as King Egmund the Great, changing the political system from elective monarchy to absolute Monarchy led by his noble house, House of Renan.

Map of Sordland

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