Kingdom of Viratia Claim


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Nation Name (long): The Kingdom of Viratia
Nation Name (short): Viratia

Motto: Per sempre benedetto e rinnovato. “Forever blessed and renewed.
National Anthem: Viratia rinnovata “Viratia renewed.

Capitol: Lustra
Largest City: Lustra, 5.8 million population

Demonym: Viratian
Language: Volscine Norvian
Species: Mainly humanoid composition. (mainly humans & elves)
Population: 41.2 million

Government type: Constitutional Monarchy
Leader(s): King Loreto Bendik Holm Lucciano
Legislature: Parlamento
Formation: 1700s (Specific date unsure of)

Total GDP: 1.2 Trillion
GDP per capita: 29,126
Currency: Libbra ₰

Calling Code: +501
ISO 3166 code: VA & VTA
Internet TLD: .vta

Historical Summary: (ABSOLUTELY NOT FINAL) During the 1800s, Tretrid ran a forced removal program of much of its gustafist population during a religious split. Forced to trek though the Nalpians, and across the continent, many perished. Those who survived however found refuge along the coast, near Volscina. Nearby Volscine settlements helped the refugees form and settle their own community, named Lustra, for the magnificent shine of the pale blue water and the refuge they now had and the land surrounding it, Viratria. Many found themselves adopting the cultures and mannerisms of the nearby Volscines, while still holding on to their previous beliefs. Gustafism, Ademarism and notes of Lucerism combined into a single religion, where the all-father, originating from the sun, created all the other gods ulvriktru, and now Ademar, the god of the urth. The Norgsveltian Monarch remained the head of faith. Most people began to give their children two names, a Volscine Novarian name and a Tretridian name, and the practice has stuck with the people of Viratia through the ages. In modern day, Viratia shares close a relationships with Volscine, while holding a dismissive and arguably antagonizing opinion of Tretrid.

Following a vote on April 7th, 2023, this nation claim has been APPROVED by a vote of 7-0-0. Further votes will be amended to this post as they come in.