Kizhimistan Claim

Nation Name: The Shiekhdom of Kazhimistan

Shorthand name: Kazhimistan

Motto: Of Toil and Tears

National Animal: Scarab Beetles

National Plant: Sage Brush

National Anthem: TBD (i’ll probably write something short for this.)

Capital: Kazhim City

Largest City: Kashim City

Demonym: Kazhim

Language: Kazhimi

Species: Human

Population: 1,232,871 (Census 2020)

Government: Absolute Monarchy

Leader: Yosef Shiekh Kazhim

Legislature: Court of Soul (Appointed by the Sheikh)

Formation: 0 KCE (Kazhim Common Era) 1163 AD

GDP: 925 Million USD equivalent

GDP Per Capita: 750 USD Equivalent

Currency: Kazhim Dinar

Calling code: 208

ISO code: KZ 208

Domain name: .kzh

Nation History and other Information (In Brief)

Founded in isolation from the outside world, Kazhimistan has always been an inward facing nation with little care for the space beyond the great walls of Kazhim. According to founding legend, Kazhimistan came to be when the original Shiekh, Kazhim al Kazhim, discovered the Lake Kazhim. Seeking a place where he and his family could live in isolation, al Kazhim pitched his tent by the Lake and declared “Our journey has consisted of toil and tears, but we shall now prosper.”

Kazhimistan would be very poor from the onset of its foundation. Due to the gradual shrinking of the Lake Kazhim due to excessive farming and climate change, it is set to become even poorer. Cost of living has remained affordable for most people, but that may change at any moment. Kazhim Royalty had been mostly free from the negative effects of the nation’s poverty, but in the last decade has become just as poor as the common folk. With an all but non-existent tax base, the government has no means to provide its citizens with any public services.

Kazhimistan has no Armed Forces, and completely lacks the ability to arm any militia. Its main defense is its complete lack of resources and strategic positioning. In medieval times it relied on the Great Walls of Kazhim to keep its agricultural and urban center in Kazhim City safe.


Map claim

Following a vote on March 31st, 2023, this nation claim has been APPROVED by a vote of 4-0-0. Further votes will be amended to this post as they come in.