Kuduk Media Agency (KMA)

OOC: The KMA is a public media service in Kuduk that is funded by the federal government of Kuduk, but operates independently from it. It’s the first news agency in Kuduk to specifically cover news regarding the entire country rather than exclusively local news.

Kuduk and New Leganés Forge Historic New Deal

In a recent historic development, Kuduk has entered into a bilateral agreement with New Leganés with the goal of boosting Kuduk Education through a trade deal between the countries. In return, the deal states that Kuduk will provide New Leganés with a portion of its agricultural exports. The Authorities state that the new deal was spurred about by Kuduk’s participation in the last Urthvision, causing a spike in interest in Cukish affairs.

The Deal, although not likely to be directly impactful to the lives of many in Kuduk, set a new historic precedent for the foreign relations of the isles. Historically, Kuduk very rarely traded, or even communicated, with nations outside of the RCEU. This move by the Káan Administration has set a new standard for foreign communication.

We asked Foreign Trade Minister Xóotsi about his thoughts on the deal:

Reporter: "What sorts of changes do you think this deal will bring to the isles? Should we be worried about the future of the nation?

Xóotsi: “No, there’s no need to be worried. As Kuduk continues its modernization plans, its become increasingly clear that negotiating with other countries will be a mandatory step toward the development of this nation.”

Despite the Foreign Trade Minister’s words, many are still left confused over the deal. We asked NPP Conference Speaker Sháawat Guna about the details to get a clearer picture of why the deal was made:

Reporter: “The deal is certainly an exciting development in Kuduk’s foreign relations practices, but many are left wondering why the sudden change? If Kuduk needs education materials, couldn’t they have just asked the RCEU?”

Guna: “Yes, absolutely. If we desperately needed materials, I’m certain the RCEU would’ve supplied them to us. But this deal is more than just a simple transaction between states, its a precedent-setter for future trade and relations with other countries. As helpful as the RCEU is, Kuduk should really be expanding its network of trade and relations outside its current ring of allies if it wants to solidify itself on the world stage as an active trade participant. The deal is an investment into our future and ourselves.”

That’s all the news we have for now, but stay tuned for more updates regarding the isles. I’m Sitka Nutei from KMA News signing off.