Land Reclamation Regulation

The World Assembly,
Acknowledging the use of land reclamation in member nations to increase their land area for purposes such as alleviating overpopulation;
Concerned that unregulated land reclamation could lead to serious environmental damage, such as:

  • the destruction of coral reefs and wetlands,

  • erosion of beaches in nations that sell sand to be used in land reclamation,

  • use and harmful depletion of nonrenewable resources during the initial and continued phases of a project;

Hoping that by regulating land reclamation, these environmental damages can be prevented;
The World Assembly Hereby:

  1. Mandates that member nations obtain all resources used in the actual physical construction phase of land reclamation projects in a manner with minimal damage to the environment;

  2. Requires that impact studies be conducted by the Environmental Survey of the World Assembly (ESWA) to evaluate whether any land reclamation causes any of the following:

  3. the extinction of any animal species residing in the land being reclaimed,

  4. significant disruption to a food chain involving endangered or rare animals,

  5. loss of plant or fungal species with a particular, known, unique importance to medicine,

  6. Prohibits member nations from moving forward with a land reclamation project if the ESWA deems a place not suitable to reclaim land or if the land reclamation projects drain or destroy coral reefs, mangrove wetlands or other exceptionally biodiverse areas

  7. Encourages member nations to use other less environmentally destructive methods to alleviate overpopulation while also minimizing the ecological and environmental impact of land reclamation; and

  8. States that clause 1 of this resolution shall apply to both freshwater and saltwater land reclamations projects while the rest of this resolution will only apply to all land reclamations projects in saltwater environments.

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [DEFEATED] Land Reclamation Regulation

This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Land Reclamation Regulation” was defeated 8,038 votes to 7,714.