[Lazarus] Severance of Diplomatic Relations

Severance of Diplomatic Relations
Between the Osiris Fraternal Order and the People’s Republic of Lazarus


It has come to our attention that the world at large, and particularly our enemies and the enemies of our allies who are one and the same, may be unclear in regard to the political orientation and military alignment of Osiris. We want to clarify this in unambiguous terms. The Osiris Fraternal Order is, and has been since its inception, imperialist in political orientation and raider in military alignment. Each Pharaoh of the Osiris Fraternal Order has enthusiastically advanced this imperialist orientation, and several have also had extensive military careers as raiders. On the current Hedjet, or Cabinet, are several imperialists and raiders, and the Deshret, our legislature, is comprised of many imperialists and raiders while welcoming those of other backgrounds who can accept the political orientation and military alignment our region has chosen.

This is not a mistake or an accident. Indeed, we have quite intentionally chosen to adopt an imperialist political orientation and raider military alignment. It was imperialists and raiders who stood the most strongly behind Osiris last December, when we threw off the chains of oppression imposed upon Osiris by the pseudo-defenders and opportunists who comprise the organization known as Empire. More importantly, the Osiris Fraternal Order has decided that Osiris will never again be the fragile, timid region it was during the days of the Kemetic Republic. We will project our power on the world stage, we will take any military action that is in our region’s interests, we will defend and advance our region’s interests wherever and whenever we deem fit. We will offer no apology and we will not equivocate. We will not back down under pressure from the faux morality of defender ideologues, who will never be satisfied by anything less than complete conformity to their views and subjugation of regional sovereignty to super-regional organizations led by an elitist oligarchy.

Regrettably, the People’s Republic of Lazarus has taken a position of rabid anti-imperialism. Government officials within Lazarus have stated that it is in the PRL’s interests to extend friendship to Osiris, and yet the path to friendship with Balder remains closed. Indeed, some high profile Lazarenes and the PRL overall have not ruled out the use of direct force against imperialist regions, including Balder, and have pledged to fight a propaganda war against our allies in Balder, The Land of Kings and Emperors, The New Inquisition, Albion, and presumably other friends and allies of the Osiris Fraternal Order that defenders have correctly or incorrectly identified as comprising the imperialist sphere of influence. This commitment to hostility against our closest allies, particularly our twin sister Sinker, is simply intolerable.

While we remain distinct from our allies with a unique political and social culture as well as external interests specific to our region, the Osiris Fraternal Order states unequivocally that we will not tolerate this stance of open hostility toward our allies and pretend that the aggressor is a friend to Osiris. Any attack upon our allies, whether through the use of misinformation or through actual force, is an attack upon the Osiris Fraternal Order. We cannot, nor will we, tolerate such attacks.

Indeed, we cannot support nor lend credibility to a regime which finds it in its interests to engage in open hostility with most, if not eventually all of our allies. We will meet all acts of hostility against our allies in equal measure and in collaboration with allied regions, up to and including the use of military force. Given the hostile stance of the PRL toward our allies and given that the PRL will not rule out the use of direct force against even a fellow Sinker, as we did in ratifying a non-aggression pact with The Rejected Realms, we cannot move forward with relations with the PRL while maintaining full knowledge that we may be compelled due to the PRL’s refusal to respect the sovereignty of other regions to defend our allies against PRL aggression.

Effective immediately, the Osiris Fraternal Order severs all relations with the People’s Republic of Lazarus. We will maintain no ties to a regime that threatens our allies or our own principles. Moreover, we offer this warning to any region considering a position of open hostility toward or outright attack upon our twin sister, Balder, or any of our allies: If you believe we, who drove Empire from Osiris when others were too timid, are the weak link in the bond of friendship that unites imperialist and raider regions, you are very wrong. We seek peace and cooperation with regions that will respect our sovereignty and the sovereignty of our allies, but if a fight is brought to us, a fight it will be, and the Osiris Fraternal Order has never and will never back down and betray our principles or our allies in the face of adversity.


Severisen Isaraider
Pharaoh of the Osiris Fraternal Order

Cormac Somerset
Vizier and Scribe of Foreign Affairs