Legal Safety for Travelers

The World Assembly:

UNDERSTANDING the popularity and demand for international exchange, work, and travel programs where individuals can broaden their cultural, work, and educational experiences in a different country;

NOTES that in some instances, travelers studying, working, or visiting abroad can be arrested for violating social customs or judicial laws in the nation of study;

DEFINES, for the purposes of this resolution, travelers as individuals who journey outside of their home nation to another nation for any reason;

BELIEVES that often times, violations and consequential arrest are result of misunderstanding in the traveler’s knowledge of social customs and judicial codes, not a malicious act;

ACKNOWLEDGES that while some cases may, indeed, be malicious in intent, many of these accidental violations and their consequences for the traveler can be avoided;

HEREBY implements the following:

Article 1) National Duties

a) All nations that host travelers must provide a publication (e.g. pamphlets, letters, public service annoucements, etc.) prior to or upon arrival in said nation. These publications shall contain the most important legal information for travelers (e.g. laws frequently violated by travelers in said nation), as well as laws that have steep penalties. The publications must also include information on commonplace social customs that, if violated, could put travelers in potentially precarious situations.

b) Such nations must also provide access to additional legal information, such as law books, if individual travelers feel the publication provided contains insufficient information.

c) Upon arresting a traveler for violation of a law, law enforcement must inform the arrested traveler to the reason for which they were arrested, as well as any additional rights offered to individuals upon arrest in said nation.

d) Nations that arrest travelers shall notify the government of the traveler’s home nation of the arrest and the charges against the traveler if the traveler identifies himself or herself.

Article 2) Traveler Duties

a) Travelers must receive the publication of laws and social customs that are applicable in their host nation before or at arrival in their host nation. It is highly recommended that travelers read or view this publication.

b) In the event of arrest for violating a law, travelers may choose to give their identification (either orally or otherwise) to law enforcement for identification purposes, aiding law enforcement to comply with Article 1, sec. d.

Co-authored by: Quelesh

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