Lethal Prophecies

Since the start of 2020, an internet domain had been circulating around the local Auraliyun internet as social media in the country had began to share it as some sort of gimmicky and quirky site which pertained to an extremely simple html and css that would be seen in the late 90s or early 2000s. It’s out of date design for such a domain that had been purchased and commissioned in March of 2020 it might’ve been an example of someone trying to make a website and just had a very tenuous grasp on web design compared to the websites that had caught up with the times in the new age of the internet. Adarmairan.aly.net seemed to be one that seemed to preach to the viewer  about those who dared to visit it at a dark purple-ish background with rainbow gradients separating lines of text, it was the only page of this site, concluding with a meeting place, its website in Unonian following with somewhat inaccurate translations into Staynish, Ethalrian, Asendavian, Valokchian, and perhaps just a ton of global or regional languages atop the screen as if it wanted to show itself to international audiences.

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Ages anew as we further delve into the age of superior information, theology still prospers as it is eternally omnipresent on this Urth with nations rejoicing in newfound globalization of trade and diversity as a world that has now once been comprehensible is now incomprehensible as our minds open up with the knowledge of inferior cultures, linguistics, and biology. More and more people are bowing down to gods once spread by imperials as these so-called “supreme” deities seek ultimatums as proposed by the few who think their return to this Urth is nigh.

mARAISANA is one who has supreme dominion over this universe, superior to those who reign over this Urth and his supremacy overriding as his keen eye on this Urth further apexes, as apart of a changing Urth as the species further taints it with artificiality and unsustainable gases Maraisana is poised on his interest of being one genuine as a deity to return to this Urth to save and once again preserve the people as so they can live on and colonize tomorrow and those who assist him in preserving it as an entryway into his eternal nirvana as retribution for saving this Urth as he would return in judgement on treatment against his creation.

For those who want to further hear the words of Maraisana, a voluntary visit of this location [picture of an abandoned school and its gymnasium] in Laran, Naraliyu on May the Fourth, Two Thousand and Twenty, as those of the Homo sapiens species may comprehend the words of Maraisana the best, it is required that you may be of the Homo sapiens species in order to properly hear the genuine words of Maraisana. Come at Five Twenty PM

From your friend, Pastor Todd, Representative for Maraisana

Issue I

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May 4, 2020
Laran, Commune of Naraliyu, Auraliyu

In the steppes of Auraliyu, Laran was a small live stock town of 1,000 which was among the only places in Auraliyu which had a majority Human population in the country, a town which had relevance of supplying supermarkets in the supermarkets across the Commune with premium quality beef and pork, it was probably a strategic choice for this interesting site to have a meeting which most didn’t seem was a serious request as it concluded with Humans only being able to visit. But thanks to the nature of the internet there were a numerous few that were serious, almost all of them with bleak futures as carbon emissions emitted by national powers grows unchecked they needed a gateway to optimism. Ebbet B. Nivonsk Primary School was a school just outside of town, a large abandoned school left out in 2003 in favour of the newly built and better equipped school of the same name, it gathered dust, grime, mold, and graffiti as daring people went to explore it or conduct mischievous activity, the gymnasium stuck out of the side as the red brick building with the top sides covered in either broken or opaque windows, inside was warped wooden floors and worn basketball hoops with damp and rotten bleachers as a small group of people stand in a dark room with the only light being the clear sunlight beaming into the room and cold lit lanterns dotting the front of the concourse. Mostly sad and miserable looking Humans, some of which were from this borderline backwater town, some were coming in through the broken doors at just the right time, murmuring and small talk was the only thing heard as much of this group were quiet individuals who took this website seriously and were looking for the right message.

As 5:20 hit, a man in a small white robe emerged from the right door that went from a large hallway and into the gymnasium, a man of average height, his black hair slicked back in some sort of hair gel, his mustache goes noticed as an outlier to the small crowd, greeting everyone as they got into some sort of formation as this man seemed to be the proprietor of this unknown religion that many have seemed to be given awareness to.

“Hello everyone, you have been given an honor of being here at this perfect time in our lives, I am Pastor Todd, and does Maraisana have alot to say about this planet, he has just awoken from his slumber above, and is wondering what went so wrong with this Urth.” Pastor Todd, the author of the main written piece introduced himself as a somewhat quirky man who seemed to be apart of a bigger group of people who seemed to have thought of this. “Maraisana has been asleep for millions of years, our natural disasters and plagues has been a result of his awakening as he has noticed this precious Urth grow unbalanced in its atmosphere as elites and those embroidered in politics make our presence unchecked as more and more gases irritate the very planetary aura we respirate in. All of you great men and women today have earned yourself membership in a great cause which pledges allegiance to the great Maraisana, only this message needs to be heard across the world to ensure that this world will be aware of Maraisana’s coming to this Urth for judgement towards those on how they treated this planet. We shall not make our futures bleak as this is the gateway to a nirvana which you can achieve through ensuring this planet and the people who call it home ensure that they get the future they want of prosper, unity, and colonization of the stars. This allegiance is voluntary, it is never good to force things on someone unless they dare initiate force, I want all of those willing to accept and be loyal to Great Maraisana to line up facing me.” Todd concludes as the group begins to form into a single file line, Todd opens up the drawer of a small stand which out came out a small paint brush and a rather unnoticed bucket of dark maroon paint, the first person up is a pale man with an unkempt beard, “I am going to tell you to kneel down for me,” Todd asks this man as he obliges the request, kneeling down and looking up at the Pastor, Todd dipped the small brush in the paint as it’s bristles were stained a dark red as he took his hand, painting what appeared to be the red silhouette of a maroon crow, “Repeat after me, I, and your name” he asks, as the man repeats it “I, James Barolynsk,” he responds as the monotone voice fills the quiet room, “do swear that my allegiance and loyalty to Maraisana is apparent, bless o’ Great Maraisana.” He implored the kneeling man as they repeated it with the reciting being broken up in two to become more comprehensible and easy to repeat, this would be repeated over 20 times as once everybody’s hand is painted with the nearly identical crimson crow, they all formed back into a group with Todd up front.

“It was amazing seeing those who have chosen to see and commit to saving this Urth, you will all be spared be Maraisana once in time of his coming as we further commit to our actions, Maraisana’s judgement may not be so harsh as originally thought, the virus that is the people living on this Urth has to be cured and if Maraisana ever sees no work be done to check the disgusting emissions we pump into this Urth, his anger may be enough to completely wipe eons of history on this planet, I thank you all for coming this evening, I shall continue writing the issues as a messenger to the great Maraisana, we shall prevail and be the saviors of this planet.” Todd concludes this meeting, he stops as he begins to walk into the dark hallway as he took one of the lanterns placed on the warped artificial wood, once he was gone everybody would be quickly off and out of the museum as their cars drove out of Laran as the sky was growing darker with the sun setting over the steppes that Laran intersected.