Liberate Philippines

The Security Council,

Recalling its sacred purpose in defending the vulnerable and innocent from attack, being conceived as a shield of order against the darkness that encroaches from the shadows,

Standing tall against the invading coalition that has set the ancient lands of Philippines aflame, a region that has time and time again weathered the tempests of chaos and destruction that land far too often on its powdery white beaches and mangrove forests, its reefs and clear waters home to countless fauna now subjugated by the ugly mark of tyranny,

Panegyrizing the ancient culture of its multivarious islands, having stood long as a monument to the unwavering under oppression and despotism in the absence of its founder, being pillaged and held captive by countless legions of invaders since times before history, leading to its eventual refounding by its currently absent founder, Puan puri naduk,

Harrowed that many eons of peace came to an end after Puan Puri Naduk vanished from existence, leaving Philippines to yet again come under assault as a prime target for peremptory interests and corsairs on the high seas, subjecting its burgeoning native population to terrible conflict and attack time and time again,

Proud, then, that Philippines has continued to stand strong in supporting the cause of sovereignty for all regions, having endured the trials of any historic founderless region themselves, by joining such alliances as the Partnership for Sovereignty and the United Regions Alliance and distinguishing themselves from other battlegrounds of old as a place for community and growth beyond the destruction and ash that covers its lands in scars,

Highlighting the region’s service in the interregional stage, elevating itself from other historical fields of war and turning instead into a true community and international actor complete with a comprehensive government and developed a clear regional culture for its many residents across the years to enjoy,

Further emphasizing that Philippines worked to aid in protecting other regions when it itself was not under attack, its Philippine defense force working to aid regions assailed by invaders from Japan and Singapore to Belgium and Asia,

Resilient in the face of this new coalition of raiders led by idolatrous forces, who, like the many speculators before them, will be overcome, so long as the international community stands in solidarity with Philippines in this hour of need,

Knowing that though Philippines has once more fallen into a state of slumber, the hearts of fire smoldering within the island mountains resting before their next awakening, their sovereignty and right to peace ought to be protected and retained, even if its community and representatives have for the time being fallen into inactivity,

Calling upon defenders, independents, allies of the vulnerable and the innocent everywhere, to join defending coalitions in serving the cause of the just, and standing against the ruthless malevolence that wreaks havoc on these shores,

Hereby Liberates Philippines.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Liberate Philippines was passed 11,112 votes to 1,796.